The Matboard: Social bookmarking for Creative Professionals

I recently wrote a blog post for the company that I work about the Matboard, which I was unfamiliar with at the time.  I’ve become so obsessed with this website that I just have to share it with you!


The Matboard is a social bookmarking site (much like Pinterest) that allows creative professionals to share, inspire and explore while matting  advertisements, magazine covers, photography, infographics, etc. to their personal boards. The Matboard can also be integrated with Facebook and Twitter for easy sharing or finding of friends. The site was launched about a week ago and has has been given some serious attention. I honestly think this site is better than Pinterest, but I may be biased I am a creative. When I want to find design inspiration or am looking for something specifically design related in Pinterest I end up having to search through recipes and wedding dresses before I find what I was searching for. The Matboard, however, provides me with a bevy of design inspiration that I can actually use.


The Matboard’s search view is designed in tile boards, much like Pinterest’s design. When you click on an image you will see a variety of options like in the image above. Unfortunately, My screen in smaller so I can’t show you the whole screen. You will have to check it out yourself 😉


How can creative professionals use the Matboard:

  • Searching for inspirations: There are 2,000+ items posted to the Matboard at this time.
  • Career advancements: Creative users can upload their work to a Matboard to ensure exposure.
  • Self-promotions: Contact the makers for information about self-promotion via the Matboard help page.
  • Project Moodboards: The Matboard allows users to collect imagery, colors, and typography and visually organize it on a specific Matboard to create an ideal look and feel for a project.
  • Networkings: Users are able to follow other creatives, view their profiles, and learn more about them and their careers (assuming all of that information is posted.

Amazing website!

13 thoughts on “The Matboard: Social bookmarking for Creative Professionals

  1. Interesting concept. Thanks for sharing, Megan. Found it somewhat confusing to follow. Lot of pictures but nothing categorized. Did not lead me to any sources. Of course, I did not spend much time but did not find it as useful as Pinterest but it may not serve a purpose that I need. I would really have to spend more time to judge it wisely.

  2. Megan,

    This is Natalia Phillips, the co-founder of The Matboard. I just wanted to thank you for such a great write up and for your support. We hope you continue to enjoy the site. We appreciate your support!

    Thanks again from The Matboard team.

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