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Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline, originating in ancient India. The goal of yoga, or of the person practicing yoga, is the attainment of a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility while meditating on the Hindu concept of divinity or Brahman.

I started taking yoga about 2 years ago when I moved and joined a new gym that provided classes. I had never tried it before, but what is better for your body than switching up your workouts? Well, I have been going to the classes ever since and I love it.

One of the trainers that works at the front desk always shakes his head while watching us walk into class. One day I asked him why. Let me give you a bit of background on him. He is older, has a history of body building, has a variety of knowledge about health and fitness and  has had 2 hip replacements from squatting to heavy while competing. He told me that he doesn’t know how we do. Yoga is more than a workout and that anyone taking yoga could probably kick his butt. It made me laugh.  I don’t know if I agree with the kicking his butt part, but it is a full body workout and really clears your mind. When we finish up and I leave there is always this overwhelming sense of relaxation.

While people practice yoga for different reasons, the effect it has on everyone’s mind, body and soul is the same.


Yoga helps people relax and find inner peace and strength. When practicing yoga, you really connect with your thoughts and feel at peace with yourself. The key to getting the most out of it is to learn to let go of the noise and the stress that surrounds your everyday life. Once you master the art of turning the world off, you can reap all the benefits of yoga.


When it comes to your body, yoga helps relieve you of the damage done to your body on a daily basis. It also helps us shed toxins and unwanted weight. This gets us feeling and looking our best while feeling less stressed and more relaxed.


Meditation is a big part of yoga. The silence and relaxation will help you get to a place where stress doesn’t exists. It helps you let go of all your stress and inhibitions.


You will never know how big of an impact yoga can have on you until you really experience it for yourself.

7 thoughts on “Something to Consider…

  1. i have a good friend who’s a buddhist and yoga instructor and now a doula – which has something to do with helping deliver a baby, but i’m not really sure.

  2. This is an absolutely wonderful post! Reading me wants me to get myself over to my favorite yoga class asap! Nothing beats the feeling of walking out of a great vinyassa class!

  3. I love yoga! I’ve been doing it for years but I sure wish I could do the pose in that first photo, holy moly, that must feel great! It’s a great post, makes me want to go put my Rodney Yee DVD in and zone out for an hour, so relaxing.

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