The Best Valentine’s Day Cards on Etsy

I read some stats today claiming that an estimated $13.9 billion will be spent on Valentine’s Day this year and that there will be 180 Million cards exchanged.

Cards actually account for 52.1% of gifts given Valentine’s Day (stats assume that cards are given along with other gifts.)

I would’ve never guessed that.

I started looking at some cards on Etsy and found some unique ones that I want to share with you.

The Funny Valentine’s Day cards

I like the funny cards, so I would go for something like this from RowHouse14.Cute butt Valentine's Day card


Or this one from DarwinDesignsCards. It makes me laugh because of how uncomfortable the other person might get. Ha!

funny in-love Valentine's Day card


I know a few people who would absolutely love this card. via RowHouse14.

Funny Valentine's Day Card


For those of you who really don’t like Valentine’s Day. Via jdeluce.

Make Valentine's Day not suck card


The sweet and romantic Valentine’s Day cards

But you can go the cute and or sappy route with this card from DarkroomandDearly.

I love you this much Valentine's Day card


Here’s another mushy one from TheLoveCluster.

Grow Old With Me Valentine's Day card


This one is too adorable to dislike. Even the stick figures are cute! Via EuclidStreetShop.

I like your face Valentine's Day card


I can definitely relate to this card. Sometimes he’s the only one that keeps me sane. Via jelligun.

I hate everyone but you Valentine's Day card


There are plenty more, though! So don’t stop here. Take a look at all of the Valentine’s Day cards on Etsy.

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