The Psychology of Color: Infographic



Who doesn’t like infographics? They are visually appealing and easy to read (most of the time). So, when I found this one from Painters of Lousville, I had to share it.

This one talks about what each color represents in terms of feeling or emotion, what each color represents and how we use them in marketing (which I am particularly interested in). Think about it. How do you respond to colors? Why do you respond that way? Do you like a particular color because you were conditioned to? Or because you just like it. Or maybe you painted your kitchen red because it makes you think of food…

There is an interesting idea behind the psychology.

the psychology of color

12 thoughts on “The Psychology of Color: Infographic

  1. All my rooms have white walls .. expect entrance hall .. that is green in combination with white and yellow. I want white walls so I can add color in furnishes and my prints needs white walls. Great and entertaining post, Megan.

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