There Are Some Creative Minds Out There…

Have you ever heard of the website Dude I Want That? If you haven’t please click that link and check it out. Anything you can possibly imagine is on this website. I would be surprised if it wasn’t. Click to the image to go to the link.


Watermelon Tent


Zombie Bowling Balls


Programmable Tattoo System


Fish Aquarium Sink


chocolate covered jalapenos


The Rocking Bed


Bedtime Story Duvet Cover


Dancing Robot Speaker


Steampunk iphone dock


Knife holder


Idea Paint


Remote Control Super Hero

Go to: for the video link

13 thoughts on “There Are Some Creative Minds Out There…

  1. Megan, I really need to take some time and check out your blog more throughly. I absolutely love those zombie bowling balls, and that aquarium sink. So, so, cool.

    The reason for this visit, as a matter of fact, was to inform you that you’ve been nominated for the “Kreative Blogger Award”. With your creative, and unusual posts, you certainly deserve it. So when time allows, please feel free to visit my blog and pick up the award and the link information to post it onto your own site. In the meantime, keep up the fantastic work.

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