DIY Beaded Bracelet


I’ve definitely gone back to childhood with this one. I used to make “friendship bracelets” all the time. Most of mine were the old fashioned ones made with embroidery thread though. This one is more acceptable. Enjoy.


Things You Will Need:

Step 1:
Cut your leather to about the circumference of your wrist. Cut the hemp to twice that size. Then thread them through your clasp.

Step 2:
Wrap your hemp around the leather about four times. Read the whole post

DIY Trinket Earrings

Hello all!

I’ve got a quick and easy DIY for you this week. These are pretty darn cute and take about 5 mins to put together, literally.

You can find trinkets at any craft store. I’m sure Walmart has something your could work with as well. These could make a fun gift too!



Things You Will Need:

2 Clasps
2 Trinkets
2 Earring hooks

I am sure there is a correct name for all of these things but I have no idea what they are so, we are just going to go with the above. Read the whole post

DIY Washer Pendant

Another fun, yet cheap, idea! Go get some washers from a hardware store (about 3 cents), some scrapbook paper and string or wire and make yourself a cute necklace pendant. Doesn’t take long and costs very little.



Things You Will Need:

Mod Podge
Paint brush
Diamond glaze
Scissors/exacto knife



Step 1:

Measure and cut some of your scrapbook paper to match the size of the washer you have chosen. You will need some for the front and back. Read the whole post

3D Metal Printing

Seriously? Yes! Have you ever heard of Shapeways? They print metal 3D objects. It is pretty cool. By using this site you can upload a 3D image and they will print whatever object you’ve created and mail it to you. Or you can go to the site and buy products that have already been created.

“By providing a platform for our community members to share ideas and gain access to cutting edge technology, we’re bringing personalized production to everyone—whether you’re already designing in 3D or are just looking to buy something completely unique. Read the whole post

DIY Glass Jewelry Designs

If you have been following me for a bit, these pieces of jewelry will look very similar to my bookmark designs. They are made in a similar fashion and are fun and easy to create. Hopefully you enjoy it.


Things You Will Need:

Glass Tiles
Diamond Glaze
Chains, pendants, earring hooks, etc. (your choice how many of these things you use.)

*everything on this list, besides the linked objects, were bought at Michael’s. Read the whole post

Need a Valentine’s Day Gift For Her?

I have never been into holidays but Valentine’s Day is coming up so lets do something fun for it. If you are going to give her something you should give her something that you’ve made. If she is a good girl, she will appreciate it. It isn’t about the money… its about the thought. (At least it should be.) So, here is a DIY tutorial for paper beads which you can use to made her a bracelet or a necklace. Read the whole post