DIY Beer Magnets

DIY Beer Bottle Magnets

I don’t know about you, but I like beer. Craft beer in particular. I also like upcycling so, I save my beer caps to use for DIY crafts. This time around, I’m making beer cap magnets.

It doesn’t have to beer caps though. It can be any bottle cap. I’m sure you drink soda, flavored water or specialty beverages that come in glass bottles, right? You can save those and make your own! It’s really easy. Seriously, it takes longer for the glue to dry than it takes to finish the magnets.

Want to try it? Keep reading.


beer magnet materials

Beer cap magnet materials

  • magnets
  • beer caps
  • super glue

You can find all of these items at the craft store. You can even buy blank beer caps there.

Super glued magnets and beer bottle cap

Step 1 (and only): Glue the magnets to the bottle cap

Glue one magnet to the back of the bottle cap and glue the second magnet on top of the first one.

Let it dry. My super glue requires 24 hours.


DIY Beer Bottle Magnets

It’s a quick and fun craft. These make the best quirky gifts too. If there’s a beer (or soda) lover in your life, collect the caps from their favorite brands and get to work. They’ll love it, I promise.

Let me know what you think! Which brands would you choose?

16 thoughts on “DIY Beer Magnets

  1. Good Idea !
    I have oodles of bottle cap’s !
    All I have to do is make 1,800 magnets & it will save me the hassle of repainting the fridge!
    +Plus My ‘family photo’ magnets will stick better to the stronger ‘beer cap’ magnets! Whilst I will check polarity!
    #FYI : √ polarity before gluing yours together 😉

    • Yes, I should’ve added that to the blog post! Thanks for sharing that tip. That’s important.

      1800 bottle caps?! That’s outrageous! Your fridge is going to look awesome and I want to see a picture when you’re finished. 👍👍👍

  2. I’ve been planning a blog about magnets, but just can’t seem to catch up on things, but mine are a little different and a little bigger. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. I love this idea! I am currently making a list of recycled craft/gift ideas that will be posted on my blog. Could I put this item on that list? I’ll link the item back to you :).

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