DIY Creaseless Hair Ties

diy no crease hair ties

You know those really cute hair ties that look like ribbon and don’t leave creases in your hair? I love them, but I refuse to pay $10 for 3 when I know they’re going to get stretched or ripped in a few weeks because of my thick hair. I decided to try to make my own and it worked out really well. I had to share the process with you.

You only need a few supplies and you can probably make about 40 hair ties for $10. Can’t argue with that, right? Oh, and it only takes a few seconds to make one. Let’s get started!


creaseless hair tie supplies

Creaseless hair ties supplies

  • scissors
  • lighter
  • elastic ribbon

I recommend ordering the stretchy ribbon on Amazon because you get a ton, you won’t spend much and the designs are cute.


make your own hair ties

Step 1: measure your ribbon

I use the word measure lightly here.

Lay the ribbon out and cut it so that it is just a bit longer than your lighter (as seen in the image above).


hair tie sizing

Step 2: tie the ribbon

Hold the open ends together and tie a knot toward the end.

Use the lighter as a reference for placement if you’d like.


singed ribbon

Step 3: singe the edges

This is the fun part. Singe the loose ends of the ribbon. This will keep it from fraying.

DO NOT light the ribbon on fire. I repeat, do not light it on fire.

Just touch the flame to the ends and remove it. Please don’t burn your house down.


diy no crease hair ties

Voila! Cheap hair ties! Did I mention they’re cute?  I’m a big fan if you couldn’t tell.

I’d love to hear what you think. Leave your feedback in the comments.

Happy crafting!



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