DIY Decorated Clothespins

decorative clothespins

The world has gotten digital (obviously) and because of that, people have stopped writing notes, letters, etc. It’s all online now. But there’s a group of people that still prefer handwritten notes, including myself.

I like to leave Post-Its on a bulletin board in case my phone fails to update me, and why not use something pretty to hold that Post-It note? Like a decorative clothespin, maybe?

I think yes. There are so many ways to decorate clothespins that it’s hard to choose a method, but I’m really loving the Washi Tape look.

Excluding drying time, spicing up my clothespins took 15 minutes or less. I love the way they look too!

decorative clothespin supplies

Washi Tape Clothespin Supplies

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Note: Be sure to choose short clothespins and not mini. The mini ones are too thin so the thumb tacks will stick out from the edges.

Step 1: choose your decorative tape

Pick the Washi Tape you’d like to decorate your clothespins with. I like to find tape that matches the room decor. I’m going to make another set of clothpins to match my office too 😀

In the supply list above, I linked to some fun decorative tape on Amazon (because they have a huge supply) but you can get it elsewhere, like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

diy decorative tape clothespins

Step 2: adhere the Washi Tape

Align the tape to fit the clothespin and cut off the excess. Scissors work fine for this. No fancy tools needed!

thumb tack clothespins

Step 3: glue on the thumb tack

Glue your thumb tack to the backside of the clothespins (the side that isn’t decorated).

Let it dry.

diy decorative clothespins on cork board

When you’re done, you’ll have beautifully decorated noteholders for your corkboard.

I’d love to get your feedback! Leave it in the comments.

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