DIY Planter from Upcycled Tin Cans

diy planter from upcycled tin cans

I have been sick for about a week now, which means I’ve been eating a lot of store-bought soup. Which also means I have a lot of tin cans.

Since I’m getting to the end of my sickness, I don’t have a lot of energy but still wanted to make a craft to lift my spirits. Creating something always makes me happy 🙂

What better to craft with than my new stockpile of cans, right? I like upcycling, why not? I’ve had a parsley and mint plant that’s needed a new home for a while, so I decided to go with planters this week.

I love this craft because most people have cans laying around and a lot of people like plants. Clearly, I’m not the blossoming flower type of girl based on my choice this week, but I do enjoy herbs. Whatever your preference, your plants can have a brand new recycled home.

diy tin can planter supplies

Recycled planter supplies

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tin cans with wooden feet

Step 1: add feet to your tin cans

Glue your wooden feet onto the bottom of the tin cans.

You can use any strong adhesive for this. I’d recommend super glue that is durable and waterproof. I love Gorilla Glue, but you can pick whatever you like.

Let it dry.

spray painted tin cans

Step 2: spray paint your tin cans

Spray your Rustoleum paint onto the cans.

In the link in the supply list above, I’ve sent you to a Pure Gold color, which I originally wanted but couldn’t find when purchasing. Instead, I got Gilded Brass which I like a lot. Your pick! Remember to choose an outdoor, or water-resistant spray paint.

Let it dry.

homemade planters from old tin cans

Step 3: repot your plants

If you’ve decided not to add holes to your tins for drainage, it’s a good idea to add the marbles people typically used in vases. It lets the water drain so your plants’ roots don’t stay too wet.

Now you can move your plants from their starter pots to their homemade planters!

Beautiful, and made with love! You can keep these for yourself or give them as a gift. Mine are going on my kitchen windowsill to soak up the sun. Maybe later I’ll make one for my office.

I’m also planning to make some hangers for them, so come back for that in a few weeks if you want to learn to make those, too!

I’d love to get your thoughts! Please leave them in the comments.

Happy crafting!

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