DIY Dripping Halloween Candles

DIY Halloween candle crafts

Since this is my last Halloween craft for Make Something Mondays this year (so sad), I wanted to pick one that was quick and easy, but also one that would add some flare to your parties this weekend. These candles are the are a little creepy, but not tacky, so I thought they would be the perfect addition to your Halloween decor.

They’re very easy to make and I got everything (except the scented wax) at the Dollar Store. They probably took about half an hour to finish and costed less than $5. Can’t argue with that, right?

DIY halloween dripping candle materials

Things You Will Need
Pillar candles
Scented wax (optional)
Scrap paper or newspaper

Step 1
Before you do anything, lay down some newspaper because this is going to get very waxy!

dripping wax

Candle wax for Halloween craft

pink and green candle wax

Step 2 (optional)
I don’t like the smell of crayons, as I imagine most of you don’t. So I started out by dripping scented wax (I used Scentsy but you can use whatever you want) down the sides of the candle. This way, while the candle is burning I will smell raspberry vanilla, ocean breeze, and sweet pea rather than purple crayon.

When I got the whole way around the candle, I set the rest of the wax on the side near the flame so that it would create a pool that will continue to make the candle smell great throughout the night.

green crayon wax

green wax over candle

Step 3
Take the paper off of your crayon.

Hold the crayon over the flame and when it start to melt, let it drip down the sides of the pillar. Make your way around the candle, but linger on every 3-4 drips to let the wax fall farther down each time. It gives it a pretty cool effect.

dripping candle wax project

DIY Halloween candle crafts

When you’re finished, you should have some awesomely waxy candles that not only look fun, but also smell good (assuming you participated in step 2).

You can layer colors or shades as well. With the purple one, I mixed some purple and black wax for a little bit more depth. I think I like that look the best. Your choice though.

This was a really fun project. Probably my favorite project this year (in terms of decor). It could be a fun bonding craft to do with your teens as well. Fair warning though… I don’t even know how many times I burnt myself.

Let me know what you think!

Happy crafting!

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