DIY Fabric Cord Carrier

DIY Cord Holder

I really hate when things get messy and disorganized, and that includes my cords. When I travel and carry my phone charger or kindle charger, they always get tangled and it started to get old. So, I decided to take care of the issue by finding a way to organize them. I used some scrap fabric and some magnets to make this handy cord holder. This is possibly one of the most useful DIY projects I will make this year. (At least I feel that way right now because I really needed this.)

I used pink thread against the black fabric so that you could see what I’m referring to in the pictures. But don’t make fun of my bad sewing because I did this by hand, and it has been quite a while since I’ve sewn anything.

DIY cord carrier materials

Things You Will Need:

cut fabric

Step 1:
Cut your fabric to be just a bit longer and a bit wider than your scissors. My cord holder is pretty snug around my cord, so if you want some more space for a bigger/thicker cord, then cut accordingly.

Fold fabric

Step 2:
Fold the fabric in half (with the pattern on the inside so that you can’t see it) and round one end. Make sure you cut across the fold at the bottom.

Sew up the sides and around the top. Leave the flat side open so that you can flip the fabric pattern-side out.


sewn edges

Step 3:
Flip the fabric right-side out so that you can see the pattern.

Put one magnet inside the top and one magnet inside the bottom, and sew them in place.

You should have something like in the picture above.

DIY Cord Holder

When you’re finished, organize your cord and wrap the cord holder around it so that the magnets click together.

Now your cords won’t get tangled when you transport them. Aaaaannnndddd they’ll look pretty while you’re doing it. You could always use velcro if you don’t have magnets. There’s less sewing involved that way too. I’ll probably try a version like that as well.

Happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “DIY Fabric Cord Carrier

  1. Good Monday, hope you had a great weekend.
    This is a great idea … but I have been using empty toilet paper rolls for years for keeping my cords organized, but they stay in boxes. When transporting I use just rubberband.

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