Sewing Craft: DIY Flat Iron Travel Pouch

DIY Flat Iron travel PouchI’ve been traveling a lot. Not to any place exciting, though. But when I am on the go, I often have to bring clothes to get dirty in and clothes to dress up in.

I take my flat iron a lot too because I have a habit of sleeping with my hair in a bun.  I know, I have bad hair habits. Back to the travel…

I’m usually in a hurry, so wrapped up my hot flat iron and throwing it in my bag isn’t an option. I needed something safer. Which is why I needed some sort of travel pouch. Of course, I wasn’t about to buy one if I could make one that’s cheaper.

Want one? Keep reading.

Flat iron pocket materials
Materials needed for a DIY Flat Iron Pouch

  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Hot pad

Try to get a hot pad with a loop at the top for hanging. You’ll be able to pull the cord through to hold it in place.

Hot pad for flat iron Pouch
Step 1: sew the hot pad

Fold the flat iron in half.

Sew up the bottom and side. Leave the top open.

Flat iron travel pouch
When you’re finished slide your flat iron through the top pocket.

Hot pad loop to secure flat iron power cord
You can use the loop to hold the the cord in place.

Hopefully this quick sewing tutorial can save you some money and make traveling with with your hair accessory a bit easier.


The Craft Challenge

This post is part of The Craft Challenge.
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Happy crafting!

12 thoughts on “Sewing Craft: DIY Flat Iron Travel Pouch

  1. I love this! So smart to turn a hot pad into a straightener bag. And you would have so many pattern options (yours is super cute).

    I’ll be posting my sewing craft after work today so stay tuned!

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