DIY Gift Bow

DIY Gift Bow


Its November. One month from Christmas, and with Christmas comes gift giving. So, I thought I would save you some money and teach you how to make your own DIY gift bow. A few dollars for a bow that costs less than $.20 to make is a little outrageous. The best part about making your own is that you can create much more visually appealing bows that you can buy in stores.

I used tape in mine so that you can see where I’m using it. Clear tape is really not clear, obviously.


DIY Bow Materials

Things You Will Need:
Exacto knife
Tape or glue
Scrapbook paper or ribbon


DIY Gift Bow

Step 1:
Cut your scrapbook paper into 8 strips.

  • 3 strips at 12″
  • 3 strips at  11″
  • 2 strips at 10″


DIY Gift Bow


Step 2:
Using the 12″ strips first, create a long figure 8 and tape it together at the ends and in the center.


DIY Gift Bow


Step 2:
Repeat  step 1 with the other two 12″ strips. Then, Staggering the figure eights and taping/gluing them as you go so you have something that looks like the above image.


DIY Gift BowStep 3:
Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the 11″ strips and the 10″ strips (in that order) until you have a finished gift bow!

Adorable (minus all of the tape)!


Give it a shot and let me know how it goes! Happy crafting!


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