DIY Origami Frog

DIY Origami FrogSince today is Labor Day, I imagine you will be around a lot of children at picnics and other events. So, if it rains and you can’t be outside, how are you going to entertain all of the kids? With origami frogs, of course!

My grandma taught me how to make these when I was little, maybe 5 years old. My cousins and I would play with them for hours. I’m not exaggerating… hours. So, if you get stuck inside due to inclement weather, give these frogs a try. All you need is paper.


DIY Origami FrogThings You Will Need:

*The heavier the paper, the higher the frogs with jump.


DIY Origami FrogStep 1:
Start with a rectangular piece of paper. Take one corner of the paper and fold it to the opposite side.


DIY Origami FrogStep 2:
Fold the other corner of the paper to the opposite site.


DIY Origami FrogStep 3:
Unfold the paper. You should now have an X where the folds were made.


DIY Origami FrogStep 4:
Fold the bottom edges of the X inward like in the image above.


DIY Origami FrogStep 5:
Fold the whole upper part of the X downward. You should now have a triangle shape.


DIY Origami FrogStep 6:
Fold the bottom corner of the triangle upward.


DIY Origami FrogStep 7:
Repeat the  previous step on the other side.


DIY Origami FrogStep 8:
Fold the top corners outward.


DIY Origami FrogStep 9:
Now we are going to the bottom half of the soon-to-be frog. Fold one flap inward, stopping in the center.


DIY Origami FrogStep 10:
Repeat that on the other side.


DIY Origami FrogStep 11:
Fold the top half of the frog forward. Make sure you fold it right under the top, not in the center.


DIY Origami FrogStep 12:
Make another fold about half way down the bottom of the frog. Don’t make a crease though, just a light fold. If you make a definite fold, the frog won’t jump as well.

So, place your finger on the back like in the image above, pull down slightly, and let go. Voila! A jumping paper frog.


DIY Origami Frog

Happy Monday (and Happy Labor Day).














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