DIY Rope Coasters

DIY jute coasters

Happy first Make Something Monday of 2015! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year! I don’t get sick very often but have been for almost a week now. I needed a simpler project because I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel and say I was too tired to craft. Let’s be realistic. Am I ever too tired to craft? Hardly.

So, I pushed back my original idea for this week and decided to make some DIY nautical coasters! I really like these becauseThey’re very cute, simple to make and affordable. They also add some style to your coffee table. The coasters were just a little more time consuming than I had anticipated. It took a little over an hour to make all four. That could also have also been due to lack of energy, though. I’m sure you can make them faster.

DIY nautical coaster materials

Things You will Need:
Jute 4ply
Hot melt glue and gun

beginning the coaster

Step 1
Fold over the end of your rope and hot glue it in place.

jute wrap coasters

Step 2
As you wrap the rope in a circle, make sure you are glueing it regularly.  I glued along the side and wrapped the rope against the glue.

Wrap until you have your desired size for a coaster.

jute circle

Tip: Hold the soon-to-be coaster to add the glue and then wrap the jute while it’s laying on a hard surface in order to keep the coaster level.

Ending the rope

Step 3
When you’re ready to end the coaster, cut the rope at a drastic angle so that it lays against the previous layer, unnoticed.

nautical coasters

DIY jute coasters

When you’re done, you’ll have some old-fashioned style coasters that will add some flare to your living space.

Oh, and I did test out the coasters. I prepared some hot tea and set the cup on the coaster for about 10 minutes to make sure it wouldn’t melt the glue. Success!

This is a very easy craft to make. Anyone, even without any crafting experience can put these together. So, next time you’re sick and have been sitting on the couch for a weekend trying to recover, have your friend pick you up some jute from the craft store and make some new coasters. It makes you feel more productive, trust me.

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