DIY Sketchbook and Pen Case

diy sketchbook case closed

I know this is two sewing projects in a row and that’s not normal for me. But this sketchbook/pen case was actually the project I was working on for the Craft Challenge: sewing edition last week but didn’t have time to finish.

I sewed the whole thing by hand (I know I’m insane), but I’d advice using a sewing machine if you have one. My sore fingers would advise you do the same.

Besides the time and finger pain, it was a neat project. I love the fabric combination and especially the way it turned out.

It’s always more satisfactory to use something you’ve created. So… if you want to make one keep reading.

materials pen sketchbook case

Things You Will Need


sketchbook pen case body

sketchbook pencil case body

Step 1

Cut 2 sheets of fabric about a foot longer than you want your sketchbook case be.

Flip it inside out, sewing the 2 long edges and one of the short edges, and then flip it right-side out again.

inside seam

Step 2

Flip about half an inch of the short edge that you didn’t sew into the case and sew it shut.

sketchbook case pockets

Step 3

Flip the sides of the fabric inward and sew the tops of them together to form 2 pockets.

pocket cut out

Step 4

Cut another piece of fabric that will serve as a pocket for your pens.

Flip it inside out, sew 3 of the edges, and flip it right-side out.

pen pocket

sketchbook pen pocket close up

Step 5

Sew the pocket to the body of the case.

DIY sketchbook case

You should have something that looks like this.

sketchbook closure button

ribbon closure sketchbook case

Step 6

Now, you’re going to want to add a button and some ribbon to the outside of the case.

You’ll want to sew the button to outside on one side. Then secure the ribbon to the outside edges.

diy sketchbook case closed


Well, I’m a fan of it. I hope you like it too.

Let me know what you think!

Happy crafting!

16 thoughts on “DIY Sketchbook and Pen Case

  1. Love it! I would totally use it for a notepad and pens. I am always trying to find bits of paper to write to-do lists and things to remember on. This would be a handy solution

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