DIY Wood Branch Coasters With Gold Leaf Design

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DIY wood branch coasters

This month’s theme for the Craft Challenge is wood.

When brainstorming ideas for the theme, I thought how much more wooden can you get than tree branches? Which is why I chose to turn tree branches into coasters. Can’t stop there, though. They needed a pop of color and I love the gold leaf color against the wood and the texture of the rings in the branch slices.

They’re super easy to make. I believe they took about 15 minutes. It actually took longer to write out this blog post than to make the coasters.

You only need a few items and you can find it all at the craft store (including the branch slices). If you really want to cut your own coasters, go for it. I don’t own a saw, so I bought them instead.

wood branch coaster materials

Branch coaster materials

  • Felt stud
  • Branch slices
  • DecoColor gold leaf pen


polka dot branch coasters


Step 1: design the coasters

Paint on your chosen design with the gold leaf DecoColor pen.


felt stubs on coasters

Step 2: protect your surfaces

Add 3-4 felt studs to the bottom of your branch coaster to protect the surface it will be sitting on.


DIY wood branch coasters

When you’re finished, you’ll have some fancy branch coasters to keep on your kitchen table or side tables. Or give them as gift!

I’ve not had any trouble with the coloring coming off, but if it’s something you’re concerned about, you can always use a waterproof sealer, just in case.

Be sure to check out the Emily’s and Erika’s wood crafts.

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