Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Valentine’s Day: A day created by Hallmark-like companies. I won’t get all scroogy on you though. I’ve decided to be useful and compile some links to gifts you can get for him for Valentine’s Day. These are not gifts for her because she is easy to buy for. Jewelry, chocolate, anything with hearts, make her dinner, buy her flowers, clean the house, etc and it will make her happy. There are so many options. But there aren’t so many obvious options for him.

He is important on Valentine’s Day too. It is about LOVE or some junk like that. I would say he fits into that category for you, right? If not, maybe it is time to reevaluate… but I’m not a therapist. To each his own.

I promise these aren’t the cheesy make-him-dinner type of gifts. I put some thought into this!

Click images for links to the gifts.

Gifts to buy for Valentine’s Day:


Saddle Leather Tablet Case from Pottery Barn


45mm cronograph model Ralph Lauren watch


Live Edge Cutting Board With Knife


More affordable (but still awesome) gifts:


Stuffed Hamburger Press


leather monogram headphone case


An inventive way to give kisses


DIY gifts:


Hooked on you: gummy worms in a jar


These are man flowers. Alcohol bouquet


Do-it-yourself BBQ rub.

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