Incredible Wave Photographer: Clark Little

Wave photography by Clark Little

I originally saw this post on David Kanigan’s blog and was in awe for the whole 3 minutes and 36 seconds of this video.

Clark Little is an incredible wave photographer. Clark started out as a surfer, but quickly found his passion in photographing the waves. He bought a $150 waterproof camera and got to work. Before he knew it, he was a worldwide sensation.

You can see his amazing photography on his website and watch his story in the video.

Clark’s work has been exhibited at

  • the Smithsonian Museum
  • Alden B. Dow Museum
  • Science Museum of Virginia
  • Parco Logos Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
  • The Four Seasons
  • The Ritz-Carlton Resorts

He’s also been published in 

  • National Geographic
  • New York Times
  • LIFE
  • Nikon World
  • Paris Match
  • Outdoor Japan
  • Sierra
  • Geo
  • Nature’s Best Photography
  • Rangefinder
  • Surfer’s Journal 


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