DIY Mason Jar LED Candle Decor

DIY mason jar LED candle decor
Summer is here and you’re going to need some cute indoor/outdoor decor for your bridal showers, bonfires and various other parties. So, I made a tutorial for this really cute DIY mason jar candle decor with LED lights so you can take them outside without the winding blowing the flame out. It costs about $4 to make one of these and took less than 5 mins. It would cost less if you used only one color of water pearls.
DIY mason jar decor materials

Things You Will Need
Mason jar
Water pearls
Tealight candle
Tealight Mason jar holder

*You can find all of this stuff at a craft store and probably at the Dollar Store.

decorative water pearls

Step 1
Drop a few water pearls into the bottom of the jar. Add just a little bit of water to keep them hydrated. Put the lid back on the jar and shake them up to mix the colors.

LED tealight holderStep 2
Fasten the LED candle holder to the Mason jar.  It just pops right on.

LED candle in decorative water pearls

Step 3
Turn the candle on and place it in the holder.

DIY mason jar LED candle decor

Tie the ribbon around the jar and fasten with a bow, and you’re done! See, it will only take a few minutes to create a few of these. Your guests will love them!

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6 thoughts on “DIY Mason Jar LED Candle Decor

  1. These are awesome! I love mason jars and will occasionally pick up a older one if I happened to be in a antique shop. We have also made solar lights out of mason jars. We take the top portion of a cheap solar light and place it in the top of the jar… Waaalaaaaaa- cool outdoor lighting :-0 Keep up the good job- I love seeing your creative ways!

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