No Craft on Monday Due to Overactivity

My best friend’s bridal shower and bachelorette party was this past weekend and I’ve been preparing everything (along with the help of her wonderful bridesmaids, mom, and soon-to-be mother in law). We’ve been cooking, making decorations, shopping, etc. to get ready for the festivities.

So, instead of making a craft this week, I’ve decided to share some pictures with you from the shower. They aren’t amazing or anything because I took them with my phone really quickly before the shower started, but you’ll get the gist. When I get good pictures from Aarika, the Matron of Honor (who also happens to be my other best friend and an awesome photographer) I will post those here, too. Everything was very personalized. We made all of the food and decorations for the shower. Aarika even used my tutorial for the centerpieces. 🙂 That was exciting.

The bridal shower was New York themed because the couple got engaged in Central Park. We had NYC pictures, pink everything (because that’s the bride’s favorite color), candy apples as the favors (big apple = NY), and some other fun stuff.

As people walked in the door, they wrote down a date night idea for the couple on a popsicle stick.


We used light and dark pink table clothes. Cute white glass vases with with fake gerber daisies (the bride’s favorite flower), and a picture of NY as the centerpiece. The favors were at each setting.


The gift table (a little too early). 20140629-205713-75433480.jpg

The cake!


The food tables.


The bridal party table. See those cute glasses? The bride made those for us 🙂 Much like my glitter wine glasses craft (but I think she did a much better job).


8 thoughts on “No Craft on Monday Due to Overactivity

  1. Thank you so much for a wonderful shower! To Megan’s fans – I’m sorry that she didn’t have a craft for today but I promise you that she worked very hard this weekend to make my pre-wedding festivities a HUGE success.

    • Wow, you were on top of that! I posted it like 2 minutes ago, haha! No apologies for the lack of craft. I’m just being lazy because I’m tired, haha. Hope you got to take a nap today!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed your shower 🙂 You deserved every second! Thanks for running around with me yesterday to pick everything up.

  2. Love the idea of the New York theme. Everything looks beautiful. Kelly is blessed to have such great friends and family.

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