4th of July Party Ideas

Happy early 4th of July everyone! I know there are a few of you who planned parties this year but didn’t really plan them. That’s okay, I do it too.

I’ve found a bunch of 4th-of-July-inspired decorations and patriotic food ideas and wanted to share them with. I know I would want this if I were planning a party!

If you have more ideas, leave them in the comments!


4th of July printable

A printable that you can download at Today’s Creative Blog

This is a really cute decoration for any last minute party. It is relevant, adorable and, best of all, printable. Quick and easy. Just the way we like it. This blog actually has a lot of this kind of stuff on it. You should dig around if you have some time.

4th of July inspired tablescape

Place setting Via Uncommon Designs Online

This is a unique place setting idea. Using blue and red handkerchiefs for napkins and some burlap for the napkin ring. Adorable!

You all know how I LOVE mason jars. They’re pretty much the only object that you can use for anything. Seriously, I think us crafters have found a way to work them into anything and everything, and the 4th of July is no exception. This one will take a little bit of time but is SOOOO cute!



flag fruit pizza

find this one via Red Tricycle

I don’t know how much easier it gets than sugar cookie dough/ready-made pie crust, cream cheese, powdered sugar, frozen whipped topping, and patriotic colored fruits. I bet this one will go quickly!

Who can argue with cupcakes? I don’t think there are too many people who don’t like them. I don’t even like cake but I’ll eat cupcakes. Add a little flare and you’ve provided patriotic decorations and snacks.

This is honestly one of the easiest recipes on the planet. I make this stuff and take it to parties every time I go and it get’s devoured. It’s light, not to sweet, and feeds a lot of people. Oh, and it’s festive! What more can you ask for?

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