The Psychology of Facebook | Internet Abuse

Keeping up with social media is part of my job. Facebook happens to be one of the social media sites that changes regularly and that I read about. During my research today, I found this infograpic and wanted to  share it. The facts about the psychology of Facebook is really alarming and I wanted to share it. I’m sure some of you can relate.

Facebook addiction

Infographic by Best Masters in Psychology

5 thoughts on “The Psychology of Facebook | Internet Abuse

  1. Yeah, this one bothers me. Normally I like your posts. However, the stuff about Taiwan (which is where I live), I feel is maybe not representative of the population. By that, I mean, 30% percent of teenagers are internet addicted? I dunno. I mean, first of all, every damn person here is on a cell or smart phone etc pretty much all the time, so its pretty normal behavior. Second, Taiwanese kids have an extremely rough and competitive educational environment. They are at school from seven or eight a.m. to nine or ten p.m. when counting all the after-school supplementary school they have to attend. Trust me, I don’t think they have time for internet addiction. Most of the ones I’ve talked to have little to no lives at all outside of their studies and their study groups.

    • I’m sorry you dislike it. My posts are never meant to offend anyone and for the sole purpose of spreading knowledge.

      This post in particular is a visual compilation of studies conducted on Internet usage. I find it interesting that so many people use the Internet every day because its expected. Students can’t refuse to use computers and neither can adults. It is too prevalent in our cultures.

      My point with this post was to show how much we use this stuff, how dependent we’ve become. I wouldn’t call it addiction necessarily, but we use it a lot, for work, school, etc.

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