Make Something Mondays is on Instagram

Guess what?! I set up an Instagram for Make Something Mondays.

I’m really excited about it because Instagram is full of fun craft projects and I’m pumped to share mine with the growing community.

Because I’ve had my blog for so long and I have so many art/craft projects, I’m trying to share both the old and the new ones equally. My plan is to post 1 a day and alternate between an old craft and a new one. Read the whole post

DIY Fall Leaf Bookmark

diy leaf bookmark


I’ve made DIY bookmarks before, and I like them, but the problem was that they extend the pages of the book. I like to carry my books with me, so when I used those bookmarks and put the book it my purse, it would always fall off the pages. So, I decided to make another version. This one is obviously fall inspired. I considered using scrapbook paper, but then decided to use leaves since there are so many of them on the ground outside this time of year. Read the whole post

Blogging Ideas…

Surprisingly, I haven’t found any problems coming up with new content to write about on Make Something Mondays. There are always new artists to discover and new craft projects to try. But I’ve found that writing on other topics is not so simple.

So I want to know what you do when you are staring at a blank document, and think that you have nothing to say. You want to write, but what is there to write about? Read the whole post

The Psychology of Facebook | Internet Abuse

Keeping up with social media is part of my job. Facebook happens to be one of the social media sites that changes regularly and that I read about. During my research today, I found this infograpic and wanted to  share it. The facts about the psychology of Facebook is really alarming and I wanted to share it. I’m sure some of you can relate.

Facebook addiction

Infographic by Best Masters in Psychology

Read the whole post