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Surprisingly, I haven’t found any problems coming up with new content to write about on Make Something Mondays. There are always new artists to discover and new craft projects to try. But I’ve found that writing on other topics is not so simple.

So I want to know what you do when you are staring at a blank document, and think that you have nothing to say. You want to write, but what is there to write about? How do you come up with topics? Do you read other blogs and the comments? Do you use hashtags on social networks? Are you inspired by something that happens in your day?

Are the comments your readers leave mostly positive? Or are they the product of your rudely reactive writing?

What really gets your readers going?

4 thoughts on “Blogging Ideas…

  1. All the things you mention is how I come up with topics, in addition, sometimes I’m asked to write about something and sometimes I will simply relax, sit and muse or contemplate about people, life, things. Inevitably an idea pops into my head. And my readers are very nice to me in the comment section and it is greatly appreciated by me. Each and every one of them! 🙂

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