And You Think YOU Recycle…

An american artist by the name of Gregory Euclide has created a microcosmic landscape installation titled ‘held within what hung open and made
to lie without escape’. The landscape is made from trash he picked up in the park. The landscape painting measures 6 ft by 5 ft and is set with a gilded frame that is interupted by paper as water flows from the canvas into the gallery space. The boulders in the landscape are cast from the rocks taken from central park, while the grass is formed from glue, paint and hair.

on the right side of the work, several cut plastic bottles are clustered together, existing as miniature isolated environments within the piece.
euclide created several dioramas constructed from found trash such as plastic, foam, sponge, and fertilizer he accrued while walking in a park.
these items helped sculpt a world depicting what the artist sees as the ‘same kind of fake control over nature that allows us to be
comfortable with the destruction of it

the installation was constructed for the museum of arts and design’s ‘otherworldly: optical delusions and small realities’ exhibition
in new york city.

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The installation:

11 thoughts on “And You Think YOU Recycle…

  1. What a fascinating work of art. It is very creative. I’d really hate to try to clean it though. I suspect it would have to be kept in an environment that utilizes some type of an air filter to keep dust from accumulating. That is the first thing I think of for some reason when I look at art or anything else … how hard is it to clean? Sad, but true. All the same, this really is an imaginative piece.

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