Creative Birthdays

Yesterday was my birthday. It really made me think about things.

I’ve never really done anything extravagant for my birthday. It is just another day to me. I’m just one year older. When I was little my parents threw parties and bought cakes and all that good stuff, but as I got older I cared less about it. (Don’t get me wrong here, I appreciate all of the “Happy Birthdays”, gifts, drinks, dinners, etc. very much.) “What do you want to do for your birthday”? I replied with “a movie and ice cream”, or something of that sort. People tell me that this is a pessimistic outlook but I disagree. Hear me out…

Think about the things we celebrate. We have parties for (this is strictly United States based) Independence Day, Christmas, New Years and Thanksgiving. We go out to to eat or make a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day and we dress up for Halloween. Makes sense, right? Why birthdays? There are roughly six billion people in the world and everyone has a birthday. Think about that.

Enough with my “pessimism”, let’s be positive. Something good always comes out of birthdays. You, or the people around you, get to be creative. Decorations and cake!!!!

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AND to add the icing on the cake (pun intended)… Your pets get to celebrate too.

No, the puppy is not mine. It is pretty cute though!

18 thoughts on “Creative Birthdays

  1. Megan is the best person I know and so I, just like for her 21st, I celebrated enough for both of us…by that I mean that I also went to bed early lol But it wasn’t my birthday so it’s not as depressing. Your birthday is about you so you celebrate however you want. The other holidays you mentioned have conventional celebration routines (traditions, if you will) so those are usually followed blindly but a birthday is as unique as you and hunny…you are unique : )

  2. Cool! My very first grandson’s very first birthday is quickly approaching and now I am inspired. I am going to take a stab at a cake. I’ll take a pic and let you know how hilariously it goes.

  3. Happy birthday! I always loved birthdays because it’s the one day I can make everything be about me and not feel bad about it. In fact my commitment has been to celebrate every birthday with pride and joy, regardless of how high the number gets. 🙂

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