DIY fabric headband

braided handband tutorial
As a kid, I made a ton of braided bracelets so I thought I would carry that idea over and make a braided headband. This braided headband is five strands and is made from a old polo-like shirt. This is a super easy DIY project and doesn’t take more than half an hour (depending on how quickly you can sew).

materials for a braided headband tutorialThings You Will Need:
Old shirt



step one to braided headbandStep 1:

Cut your shirt horizontally into 5 strands.



sewing the handbandStep 2:

Layer the strands one on top of the other and sew them together.



headband tutorial

5 strand braided headband

Step 3:

Set something heavy on the end you just sewed so that it doesn’t move around. Take the strand on the far left and weave it over to the right. You want to take the strand over then under, over then under.



braided handband extension Step 4:

When you finish the braiding, layer the strands on top of each other and sew them together like you did with the opposite side. If you want to add an extension to make the headband longer, then cut another strand from the shirt and wrap one end around the end you just sewed together. Sew it over top of that end.

Then, wrap that strand around to the other end of what is going to be your braided headband. Sew it together.



braided handband tutorialWhat a fun headband! Your teenagers might just like this idea!


Happy crafting!









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