DIY Ginger Peach Soy Candle

I like making candles and I have an affinity for soy candles. So I found some ginger peach scent at the craft store and started working. I hope you like it.


soy candle materials

Thing You Will Need:
A pot
Glass jar
Soy wax
Candle/soap scent


melting soy waxStep 1:
Pour your soy wax into your glass jar and bring your water to a boil. Using tongs, or some other tool, slowly and carefully drop your jar into the water and wait until it melts. This will take some time. 10 mins maybe?


ginger peach soy candle


Step 2:
Using the tongs, securely hold the hot jar and pour the wax into the a candle holder. If you prefer to use the jar that you melted it in, you can do that too.

Add some of the candle scent into the wax. Check the bottle for directions on how much to use. Many brands have different requirements.

Drop the candle wick into the wax and lean it against something (like your tongs) so that it stays upright.


ginger peach candle


Step 3 (optional):
If you have dye or coloring, you can add it in here. I added another layer of colored wax to the candle holder. If you are going to do that, make sure the bottom layer is completely settled first.

Make sure you cut the wick down after the wax settles.






23 thoughts on “DIY Ginger Peach Soy Candle

  1. I’ve always wanted to try this. I’m obsessed with candles. Thanks for documenting all the steps with pictures; that’s really helpful! The only problem I found with those DIY candle sets is that they’re pretty expensive. What craft store did you go to? Have you heard of Diamond Candles? They’re soy candles that I’m currently obsessed with :).

    • I love to make my own candles! It is fun, but yes, it can get expensive. I bought my supplies at Pat Catan’s but you can find that stuff at any craft store. If you want to make a few of them, i would recommend shopping online for supplies. It is a lot cheaper that way.

      I’ve never heard of Diamond Candles but I will keep an eye out for them! I like Yankee Candles a lot, but I’m too cheap to spend $30 on one candle. I alway do my shopping when they are on sale.

  2. I love the smell of ginger … hate vanilla, everyone seems to love vanilla – I think ginger and cinnamon gives a room a very welcoming smell. Very clever idea and seem simple enough for everyone to do it.

    • Thanks! I try to keep my tutorials simple so that everyone can try them if they want to.

      Ya know, my best friend hates the smell of vanilla too but everyone says it is the least offensive smell. When you get perfume samples here, they are almost always vanilla. Or free gifts that are scented… always vanilla. It is a mediocre scent. Not too strong, not too bland.

      I like ginger when it is mixed with something else. If it is on its own i hate it. Weird.

      • I think what is was .. there was too much vanilla scented candles around when they came on the market and everybody went wild with them. It makes me feel sick ..
        I love the spiced scented ones … those we have for Christmas best … best.
        I don’t know if I would like a candle only smelling ginger. Don’t think so.

      • Yeah, that must be it. Vanilla is just too popular. Maybe it will die off and something else will take its place. Spiced scented candles are amazing though. Fall is my favorite time of year and part of the reason is because of all of the spice, pumpkin, and apple smells. I love it.

      • I’m not mad about scented candles … but like you I like them this time a year – not a big fan of X-mas neither, but I have scented candles then.

      • Same here. I think holidays are blown out of proportion. I just like the time off so have time to spend with family. They say that scents make strong memories. Maybe that’s why we like them around the holidays.

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