Pencil Sculptures By Dalton Ghetti

Pencil sculptures by Dalton Ghetti

They say that all artists see things differently; they see things the the average person doesn’t see. I don’t know if I agree with the second half of that assumption,but I do think that artists look for different ways to view a particular object.

An artist by the name of Dalton Ghetti, uses that ability to create complex sculptures from the simple shape of a pencil. He started carving at a young age, but decided to start carving very small sculptures more recently. His goal is to bring people’s attention to smaller objects because he believes that small things are beautiful. The majority of the pencils he uses for his work are found on the streets and sidewalks. It is a recycling process.

Dalton does not sell his work. He sculpts as a hobby and does it for his own enjoyment. He does not plan to sell his work.

Pencil sculptures by Dalton Ghetti

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