Paintings, Not Photographs by Doug Bloodworth

Over the past year and a half I have shown you many artworks that you have to look at twice because you can’t determine whether it is a painting/drawing or a photograph. I love those, obviously. Some of the greatest artists in the world can’t do that but I think it is an aspiration of many. Here we go again…

Doug Bloodworth is another one of those artists. His paintings are so realistic that you have to  look all too closely at the image. Each painting is done in either oil on canvas or airbrush on wood panel. He has done countless other paintings in many different styles. He also does western paintingsmuralscartoonsbillboards and buses.

When I first saw these, I thought, no way. These still lifes are soooooo realistic that i almost can’t believe it. With most paintings or drawings you can see the brush strokes or charcoal marks. I am not find that in these.


Doug Bloodworth's Monopoly painting

“Batman & Peanut Butter”

Doug Bloodworth's Batman & Peanut Butter


Doug Bloodworth's Weird-Oh painting

“Rawhide Kid”

Doug Bloodworth's Rawhide Kid


Doug Bloodworth's Candy painting


Doug Bloodworth's Marbles painting

“Godzilla TV”

Godzilla TV painting


Watermelon and comics painting

“Wonder Woman”

Wonder Woman and chocolate painting

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6 thoughts on “Paintings, Not Photographs by Doug Bloodworth

  1. This is so brilliant … how do the do it …. paint in 3D. My favorite is the top one …. because I love to play Monopoly, but I’m such a bad loser. *laughing

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