Swirl Letter

Swirly letters are fun to make! It is a very simple process but takes a while. This one took me about an hour and a half.

Things you will need:

Scissors and/or exacto knife

3 pieces of colored construction Paper

A white sheet of paper

A black sheet of paper

hot melt glue

Step 1:

Take your 3 pieces of colored construction paper and cut them into small strips. You can choose to keep them the same width or vary them as I have done. Once you have them cut out, organize them in piles by color.

Step 2:

Use the black paper to cut out the letter of your choice. I chose M. When you are happy with your letter glue it to the center of your white paper.

Step 3:

Choose a strip of colored construction paper and wrap it tightly around a pencil or other slender object. You may also use your  fingers to wrap the paper instead of the pencil for a tighter swirl.

These are some optional shapes for your swirls.

A: The S shape-

Wrap about half of the strip tightly. Then, start on the other side of the strip and wrap in the opposite direction. You will end up with an S shape.

B: The swirl with loop-

Adhere the ends of your strip together. Now, wrap that end (the ends you’ve connection) toward the loop you have formed.

C: Tripple swirl-

Take 3 strips, one of each color, and begin to wrap them. You will end up with something like this.

D: Double swirl-

Start at one end of your strip and wrap about half way. Then, while holding the end you just wrapped, begin to wrap the other end in the same direction.

Step 4:

Add some glue to the bottom of your wrapped strip and adhere it to the letter you have cut out. Don’t go overboard on the glue.

Step 5:

Repeat steps 1-4 until completed. Your letter should look something like this when you begin your process.

*For the best results, use a combination of large and small swirls and alternate shapes and colors.

When your letter is completed it will look like a fanciful mess of colors and swirls!

If you want a add a bit more try making a boarder around your white paper. Experiment with colors and maybe even add some smaller swirls to the corner of your boarder. Or you could even add a boarder of just swirls.

This would like very nice in a shadow box in a child’s bedroom or in a simple frame with no glass in the living room. If you are feeling ambitious you could  swirl all of the letters of your last name and make a home-made sign!

Thank you for taking the time to read my tutorial.  If you are interested in the project but do not have time to make it then, get in touch with me. I will make one for you.

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