5 thoughts on “The power of saying “Thank You”

  1. This is so ironic. I’ve recently gone to see two new doctors myself (no worries, I’m okay). I thought nothing of it. Then in the mail, on two separate occasions, I got thank yous from both doctors. Granted, one was a typed letter and the other a printed thank you card. However, the fact that they sent something to me snail mail was very impressive, and defintely boosted my already good opinion of them.

    Please and thank you can definitely be overused, but right now, they’re not used enough. We need more please and thank you. Thanks for posting this!

      • Or when it’s abused? When someone just keeps saying “please and thank you” without caring? Reminds me of the movie Patch Adams with Robin Williams. They’re in a hospital and the doctor is telling them about the patient, but not talking to her and it’s very sterile. Patch asks the doctor her name, and he just says “Hi, Pam”, and Pam says hi back. She’s so glad just to have someone acknowledge her.

      • It’s got some happy and sad parts, but Robin Williams is fantastic. The please and thank you reminds me of tips on your phone voice. That people can hear a smile over the phone. I know I try to get the person’s name so I can thank them. Seems nicer that way.

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