DIY Glitter Vase

Glitter vases

I know I said this is a glitter vase, and people typically put flowers in vases, but I happen to like candles more. This will work for whichever you prefer. I like this one a lot because it was really easy and, of course, cheap. I made these 3 glitter vases from materials from the Dollar Store for about $6. Altogether, not each. That’s my kind of DIY project!


DIY glitter vase materials

Things You Will Need:
Glitter Washi tape

*I got two different sizes of tape: one was about 2″ wide, while the other two were about 1/2″ wide.

*Don’t forget to put down newspaper before you get started. The tape I used wasn’t sealed, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be cleaning up glitter for the rest of my life. You should see my table and the floor below. Fair warning.


Glitter tape at bottom

Step 1:
Pick a vase and wrap your first strip of 1/2″ Washi tape around the bottom of it.

Tip: If you’re worried about getting the tape straight, wrap a rubber band around the vase to get a straight line. Then, you can position the tape below the rubber band.


Glitter tape at top

Step 2:
Wrap another piece of your 1/2″ glitter Washi tape around the top of the vase.


glitter tape

Step 3:
Repeat, but wrap the 2″ glitter tape around the middle. Then, a contrasting color of the 1/2″ tape in the middle of the tape you just applied.


Silver and gold glitter vase

Repeat the process for the other two vases and you should have a cute little set like in the image above.


Glitter vases

If you’re using candles, light em up! They look so pretty!


DIY glitter vases with candles

There is something about glitter and candles that makes me happy 🙂

If you can find bigger pillar candles, that might look cute too. Do you think adding glitter to the candles would be too much? I considered that.

Happy crafting!!



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