How to Make A DIY Cupcake Card

You still send birthday cards, right? I hope so, because people appreciate them. Sometimes they appreciate them more, though, if you make your own.

My friend Jennifer at Station Teen Makes and sells some really cute whimsical stationary. The goal of the business is to encourage teen girls to build strong relationships with family and friends while also providing a community for them to share and appreciate good design. I completely endorse the idea.

Station Teen has a really awesome video tutorial on a DIY Cupcake card that I wanted to share with you. A fun, bright, adorable card.

If you liked the video tutorial, make sure you let her know!

You can find StationTeen on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, Pinterest.

Here are a few of her card designs. You can check this out, as well as some other great designs, on her website (above).

Sweet as candy greeting card

Send a card to a friend

Owl greeting card

Send a card to a family member

American Hero greeting card

Send a card to a soldier

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