DIY Decorative Flower From A Toilet Paper Roll

I was browsing the other day and found a DIY tutorial on I thought you guys would like. It is similar to my Cardboard Flower Wreath tutorial from a while back. Honestly, I like her method better. I will have to try using spray paint next time instead of acrylics. The effect is much nicer.

Want some more toilet paper roll crafts?

DIY Candy Holder From A Toilet Paper Roll

This is a cute one for giving out candy for the holidays. I made these for  Valentine’s Day. They are especially great for children because you can’t fit a ton of candy in there, so they aren’t eating a crapload of sugar.

DIY candy holder

Cord Organizer

Via s-e-i Lifestyle

I don’t know why I never thought of this, but this girl is freaking brilliant! I have a whole box of saved toilet paper rolls, and guess what I’m going to do with them?

cord organizer


Wind Chime

Via Recreated Design Company

This one is soooo cute and I really want to try to make it. I wasn’t sure what to call it because it looks like a wind chime, but it doesn’t have any elements that would make noise in the wind. We’ll just call it a wind chime.

Anyway, this one doesn’t have a tutorial attached to it, but I don’t think it would be hard to make. Some toilet paper rolls, paint, a sealant, some wire, and clear thread and I think that’s it.

wind chime toilet paper roll craft

If you have more to add, let me hear it! Leave your ideas in the comments.

2 thoughts on “DIY Decorative Flower From A Toilet Paper Roll

  1. HI Megan,
    Lovely blog, great ideas – enjoyed them – I am glad you liked he tutorial you found on my site , I found this lovely tutorial on Youtube just like most of the posts on my site.
    My own tutorials – are cardboard creations – using cardboard to design and create home decoe, accessories, lighting and furniture – will be thee soon.

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