DIY Painted Canvas Wall Art

DIY canvas wall art

Everyone needs something to spice up a room. A little pop of color or some wall art usually does the trick. Even as an artist, I find a lot of artwork to be too expensive, so I think it is important for people to be able to create their own decorative art. When you’re looking to upgrade a room, you aren’t necessarily looking to spend a lot of money doing it. Save the billion dollar artwork for the art collectors and make your own decorative elements.

With this DIY project, I wanted to accomplish just that. Originally, I wanted to use several more mini canvas, but I thought I would test it out with these 4 to see how I liked it. You can get these canvases at any craft store and, if they are on sale, you can get them pretty cheap. Watch for the deals.

DIY wall art materials

Things You Will Need
White paint
Colored paint
2 4×4 black mini canvases
2 4×4 white mini canvases

As usual, don’t forget the newspaper.


colored canvasesStep 1:
Paint your white canvases two different colors. I chose orange and red because it will look good with the white paint.

Let them dry.

4 canvasesStep 2:
Position the canvas so that the black canvas and the colored canvases are diagonal to each other like in the image above.

DIY canvas art

Step 3:
Get out your white paint and make some fun designs that span the canvases. You can experiment with different colors or brushes to get a different effect.

DIY canvas wall art

Hang them up for some fun, new accented wall art!

I plan to add more canvases throughout the summer. Maybe I can take over the whole wall, haha. Wouldn’t that look awesome?!

Hopefully you give it a shot if you like my results. It was an enjoyable project and, if you add 10 or so canvases, it could make a great family weekend DIY project!



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