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Forgive me, but only those of you who have a WordPress site are going to know what I am referring to in this post.

WordPress pop-up feature

I don’t know if you have noticed this yet, but I am loving this WordPress update. When you are on the Reader screen, where you can browse other blog posts written by other WordPRess users, you can now click on the title of an article that you want to read and it pops up (like the image above) and allows to you like, comment, or reblog from that screen.

Before the update, you had the option to like or reblog , but if you wanted to comment, you had to view the article.  I understand why it was set up like that, but if the post is nothing but an image or a very short blurb, it makes sense that you should be able to comment on it right then and there. Great move WordPress! I think this definitely improves the user experience and people will make more comments on other blog posts going forward. I am excited about this update! Is it just me?


16 thoughts on “New WordPress Comment Feature

  1. I like the update, but don’t like that I have to now click twice to look at someone’s site and click twice to go back to the Reader. Plus there are other bugs, at least on my screen (can’t see tags, name of blog is covered up with image). Do you have any of those issues on the Reader page? I’ve written to the site admin but haven’t heard anything back.

  2. I wonder how this affects peoples visits stat. because you don’t need to visit the site to comment now. I think it’s clunky and an extra layer between me and the sites I am looking at. I find it annoying.


  3. Why I love you and your blog sooooooooooooo much dear Megan!!! 🙂 Let me explain! 🙂 I did not know about this tool, besides I did not even know, that you can Like, Comment or Reblog just from the Reader. I have been always openning all the posts and Like them during last three years! Now, I’ll just read the articles from the Reader. Megan, when you Like (by puching th Star) your Gravatar icon appears in the post, does it?

    Thank you my dear again! Waiting for your reply!


    • Thanks Arlen. Glad it was helpful 🙂

      The only prob with the reader is that it shows you the most recent posts and not necessarily the ones you want to read. Sometimes you forget about the blogs you love reading most when you just browse the reader. It is a nice feature otherwise. I think they should have a must read section as well.

      • Megan, my comments it shown as: “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. Is it seen here in your blog?
        The second question: Does teh reader show only the recent posts? What if we scroll back? i think the previous posts will be openned.

        Thank you again! I am sitting now and liking all the last posts! Much much much appreciated!

      • Hi Arlen,
        I didn’t have a chance to check my comments until now so it was waiting for me to approve. Not sure why though, because people whom I’ve approved comments for previously should e able to comment freely. Weird.

        The reader does only show recent posts. You can continue to scroll down though and it will keep loading older posts. That might take some time though.

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