DIY No-Sew Throw

no-sew throw BlanketI used to make these all the time when I was a teenager. It is a quick project, especially to do with kids. You don’t need many materials and it can be a good group project.


Things You Will Need:
4-6 Yards of fabric (total)

*Pick out 2 fleece fabrics: 2-3 yards each, depending on the size of blanket you want. One fabric should have a design and the other should be solid.




Step 1:

Place your fabric on the floor with piece on top of the other.



blanket corners


Step 2:

Cut out a 4×4 inch square from each corner.



blanket fraysstep 3:

See that upper edge? That was the corner we cut out in step 2. Now, you want to move your scissors about 2 inches over and cut 4 inches up. Continue to do this the whole way around the fabric.



blanket knotStep 4:

Take the frays and double knot them. Continue until all of them are knotted.




no-sew throw Blanket

You’ve got yourself a fun blanket.
Happy crafting 😀

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