196 Days to Walk Across America

courtesy of Javier and his anonymous photographer

I Don’t actually know Javier; he was actually a co-worker of my boyfriend and I’ve heard stories about him. Now Javier is beginning a journey across America and I am going to keep up with him and share his story because he deserves that.

Javier believes in promoting love, tolerance, and awareness of his fellow men and women. In order to show this, he is going to take 196 days to walk across America. Why 196 days? Because there are 196 countries in the world and he is going to wear a shirt displaying a flag from one of those countries each day.

He began his walk in Virginia Beach yesterday and walked 18 miles. In order to make it to his destination (California) on time he will have to walk somewhere between 15-20 miles per day.

So, if you live in the southern states of the USA and you see him walking along, stop and say hello. He plans on camping most days but I’m sure he would appreciate a small meal, a lawn to set up camp, or just a friendly gesture. After all, kind gestures to one another is what he is trying to promote on this walk.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Javier or following his journey you can visit his blog.

7 thoughts on “196 Days to Walk Across America

  1. Thank you so so much for helping me out by publishing this on your blog! I also laughed at the anonymous photographer caption. My parents were with me for my departure. Cant remember which one took it haha.

      • Thank you again.

        It was really nice for my parents to be down here. My mom made me some meatloaf for my last real meal. I had to yell at her alot to make it, and my dad wasnt quite sure if he wanted it, but i knew hed come around. (Lol that was actually for zack) or u as well if u happen to be a wedding crashers fanatic like us

      • Haha, i imagine that was somewhat difficult for them to take it in. It is good that they support you though 🙂

        Haha, Zack was with me when I read your response (wedding crashers)! He laughed immediately. I also am a wedding crasher fan. I considered putting a quote in my post earlier for you but I decided against it.

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