Amazing Beach Art by Andres Amador


beach art


Andres Amador is an artist who resides in San Francisco, California. He’s not your typical artist though. He prefers to work with a temporary medium; one that will get washed away by the next morning. He makes art in the sand on the beaches of CA. I’m not talking about sand castles and motes. He uses a rake to make beautiful designs in the sand that can be up to 100,000 sq. ft, better known as earthscape art. Read the whole post

Bookshelf Porn

Yeah, bookshelf porn exists.

But it isn’t what you are thinking. It is a photo blog that allows people to share their love of books in general. It celebrates the love of libraries, bookstores, and bookcases as well by displaying the best bookshelf photos found around the world. It is pretty neat, you should check it out if you like to read. Even if you don’t, you will be amazed at some of them. Each picture gives you the source to the original as well, which is nice. Read the whole post

Monogrammed Gifts That You Will Actually Use

Monograms have really made a comeback in the last year or so. Everyone thinks that, just because that can put some lettered vinyl on almost anything, they should. So many people end up with Christmas or birthday gifts that they will never use, just because their initials are on it. Those initials can be really great, but they shouldn’t be plastered onto everything. Use monograms for good! Put them on gifts that make sense to display them, like casserole carriers, luggage tags, or growlers. Read the whole post

Amazing Snow Art By Simon Beck

snowflake art

Forget snow angels! Simon Beck has found a better way to have fun in the snow. Every year he heads out and makes these beautiful geometric snowflake patterns at Les Arcs ski resort in France. Pretty amazing right? Guess how he makes them…

…with snowshoes. Yeah, seriously! He trudges through the snow for anywhere between 6 hours to 2 days in snowshoes to make these amazing designs. Now, THAT is art!

You can check out more pictures that have been taken of his work over the past few years on Facebook. Read the whole post

5 Great Gifts for Artists

As you know, I am a big fan of Etsy. I have my own shop and always support other artists if possible. When I can buy something from Etsy, rather than another website, I do. So, I was doing some of my own holiday shopping on there the other day and came across some great gifts for artists. There are so many people that tell me buying for an artist is really difficult, so I am going to help you out, assuming you are one of those people. Read the whole post

Last Call for Halloween Art Submissions!

halloween themed banner


Hey guys! I just wanted to remind you to get your Halloween submissions in soon. I originally said by October 28th, but I’ll give you until the end on the day on October 30. A little bit of extra time never hurt anyone. Also, if you emailed me a submission and I didn’t respond, please send it again. I was having some email issues recently and I think I might have missed some emails coming through. Read the whole post

The Rubber Duck Project

Wow, it has been a busy weekend. The highlight of the weekend (which is sad) was that the Rubber Duck Project came to Pittsburgh, PA on Friday and will be here for the entire month.

Pittsburgh was PACKED this weekend when the duck arrived. As I walked the streets downtown, I kept my eyes open for signs and directions. But the crowds of people lead the way to the river instead. As you can see, the duck is quite large (46×49×54 ft) in comparison to its surrounding area. Read the whole post

Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado

Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado

Who didn’t play in the dirt as a child? I know I did, a little too much. But Sarah Rosado, an illustrator and photographer from New York, was inspired by the activity. She decided to make a series of images from dirt that creates the illusion of a 3D object while also allowing the viewer to determine what they really are. She calls the series Dirty Little Secrets because of that. People see all art differently, and Sarah has embraced that with her work. Read the whole post

Poetic Twist: From Finance to Design

Teal wedding invitations
Tamika Quick started out in the corporate world of finance. After her relocation to Atlanta, GA, she decided to switch careers. She had experience with airbrushing and was eager to get back to her creative side. She designed the stationary for her destination wedding and, before she knew it, friends and family were asking for invitations for all of their events.

With some encouragement, she founded Poetic Twist Stationary and Design. She now designs invitations and business identity for weddings, and social or business events. Read the whole post

DIY Digital Camera

BigShots DIY Digital Camera

This is one of the best design ideas I’ve seen in a long time: the DIY digital camera by BigShot. It was create for children and adults and was designed for learning. When you buy the camera, it is disassembled like in the image below.


Digital Camera parts and pieces

In order to use the camera, you obviously have to build it first. The mission behind this idea is that a camera designed for learning needs three things:

  1. kit assembly
  2. Creative features
  3. Low cost

When you finally get the camera built, it is fully-functional. Read the whole post