DIY Herb Garden Markers

parsley plant marker

My mother always had a green thumb and it’s definitely not something she passed down to me. If it’s green and been in my house for more than a month, it’s probably dead. I’m so bad at gardening, but I’m not giving up yet.

This weekend, I planted a new indoor herb garden. I had a living rosemary and mint plant and added parsley, a different kind of mint and basil. Cross your fingers that I can keep the new ones alive.

In the meantime, I wanted to make some cute plant/garden markers. These are really cute and really easy. If you haven’t given your mom anything for Mother’s Day yet, a nice herb garden with plant markers might work out for her.

They’re super easy to make. A little bit of creativity goes a long way.


diy garden marker supplies

Plant marker supplies

  • gift tags
  • string
  • pen


Step 1: label and sketch

On a brown gift tag, write the name of each herb and sketch around it.


peppermint plant marker

Step 2: tie the label to the planter

Slip the string through the gift tag and tie it around the top of the planter.

Tilt the tag at a downward angle.


parsley plant marker

Now you have a lovely herb garden that’s beautifully labeled.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave feedback in the comments!

Happy crafting ūüôā


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him 2017

Just about every year I make a lists of gifts to get the man in your life for Valentine’s Day. Why not one for her too? Sometimes I do, but I usually stick to the boyfriend gifts because it’s harder to buy for him. (AND we don’t appreciate men very much during this holiday. We should work on that.) Guys don’t give you hints and they don’t care where you go to eat as long as there isn’t a crazy wait. Most of the time. They just want to get Valentine’s Day over with.

With that in mind, I always try to come up with some creative gift or experience ideas to improve the outlook of the holiday. That means no cuff links, monogramed junk or lovey dovey quotes. I’m going to take a creative or practical approach to gift recommendations. Which also means the prices aren’t going to be astronomical. Let’s be realistic. You can say I love you (or I like you) without blowing your paycheck.

There are also some DIY ideas in the bottom half if you don’t want to go out and buy something.

Gifts to Buy

Stainless steel travel mug gift

OuterEQ Travel Mug – $19.99 with Prime

I know, we’re starting out super practical on this one. But seriously, stainless steel mugs with temperature retention are amazing. I have one (not this brand) for coffee and it keeps it hot for 4 hours and water cold for 8. So when I get called to¬†a last-minute meeting and forget my coffee at my desk, it’s still nice and toasty when I get back. Traveling with these is awesome too. I’d recommend this mug to anyone as a gift. Bonus points for it be eligible for Amazon Prime.


leather knotted bracelet gift

Leather knotted bracelet – $11.90 with Prime

Disclosure: I’ve never seen this bracelet on someone in person. BUT I’d love to. The design is simple, yet elegant, in a way. It looks like it could either be dressed up or down. They’ve also listened to their customer’s feedback and made improvements recently. Can’t complain about that.


This gift by ADADesigns3 on Etsy¬†is pretty neat. You can get the growler customized to the state you live in. They will even send you a proof before they make it to ensure you like the way it looks. Some states might look a little strange, but if you’re located in a spacious one, I say get on this!


This one, from¬†alkohaulers¬†on Etsy,¬†is pretty exciting! An insulated growler carrier that attaches to your bike. The perfect gift for the adventurer! Don’t limit yourself to beer though. He could carry water, soda, or whatever other beverage¬†he fancies.


Coffee painting gift

Coffee Painting – $20.99

Artwork on the Run on Etsy sells awesome coffee art. If the man in your life enjoys coffee, art or coffee shops, he’ll love this stuff. I bought this painting at a craft show last year and I really enjoy it.


Gifts to DIY


It doesn’t have to be pink, obviously, but these DIY travel carriers are so easy to make and I’ve taken mine with me every time I’ve traveled since I made it about 4 years ago (it’s probably time for an update). Go to the Dollar Store, buy a wash cloth and ribbon, flip up the bottom and sew each compartment. It’s cake.


DIY Beer Bottle Magnets

Another really easy DIY gift is these beer cap magnets. You could do it with glass soda bottle caps too. Or whatever he drinks. Super glue a magnet to the back and stick it on his fridge. If he has a beer fridge, that works even better.


DIY photo magnets

Speaking of magnets, borrow some pictures from his Instagram and make these cute photo magnets. All you have to do is cut the images to size and glue them to the back of these glass tiles along with a magnet.


DIY manly beard oil

This homemade beard oil is pretty awesome, so I’ve been told. I made it for my husband a few years ago because he said he would get dry skin under his beard. It worked really well and he still uses it.¬†His friends have even started asking for it.

More Gift Ideas

Here’s a list of my previous Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him:


I’d love to hear your ideas for gifts or date nights! Leave them in the comments!



DIY Christmas Ornament Door Decor

diy framed christmas ornament decor

This month’s theme for The Craft Challenge is Christmas. I’ve had this one planned for a month or so and was excited to get started on it. Shadow boxes are so neat, but I never could think of something to put in them. So, why not Christmas ornaments?


DIY Door Decor supplies

Door decor materials

  • Ribbon
  • Shadow box
  • Christmas ornaments

Note: I started with a cheap frame from the Dollar Store, but decided to switch to a much more stable shadow box from Michael’s.¬†


ribbon for Christmas ornaments

Step 1: cut the ribbon

Cut a few strings of ribbon, preferably multiple colors, to different lengths.


Christmas ornaments

Step 2: string the Christmas ornaments

Use the ribbon you just cut to string the Christmas ornaments.


hanging ball ornaments

Step 3: tie the ornaments to the shadow box

Pull apart the shadow box and tie the ornaments around the inner frame.

Tie them at different lengths to add some additional visual appeal.

When you put the box back together, be sure to move the tied ribbon as close together as possible so that they’re¬†centered.


hanging christmas ornament craft

If they’re different lengths and you get diverse styles, you’ll end up with something like the above image.


diy framed christmas ornament decor

When you’re finished, hang it on your door and enjoy the holidays!


The Craft Challenge

this blog post is part of The Craft Challenge.¬†Be sure to check out Emily’s Christmas themed craft over at A Pop of Red.


DIY Leaf Pendant

DIY leaf pendant for necklaces and bracelets

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because the leaves change. Every year around this time I get really excited to see it. But every year it passes and all I have is pictures.

This year, I found a way to preserve the part I love so much. I’ve made a pendant to capture¬†the color change.

Will the leaf remain this color, you ask? I think so, because the leaf bookmark I made a few years ago is still vibrant.

Want to make your own charm? Follow the tutorial below.


materials needed to make a leaf pendant

Materials needed for a DIY leaf pendant


glass orb

Step 1: choose the leaf and portion

Place the glass orb over top of the leaves you’re considering.

When you’ve chosen the placement, cut or rip around the orb so that your leaf shape is round.


diamond glaze for leaf gluing

Step 2: glue the leaf to the glass

Add a drop of glue to the glass orb and press your leaf down firmly.


leaf pendant

Step 3: glue the orb to the pendant tray

Glue the orb to the tray and press it down firmly.

Let it dry.


DIY leaf pendant for necklaces and bracelets

Look how cute that is! Oh, and that texture looks amazing. Now you can have the changing seasons forever. You can put it on a necklace, bracelet or hang it from your Christmas tree. What a fun way to remember autumn.

I’d love to know what you think! Leave your feedback in the comments.

Happy crafting!

DIY Halloween Craft: Pumpkin Decor

DIY fall pumkin decor with scented pinecones

The Craft Challenge theme for September is Halloween so I decided to go with pinecones and pumpkins. You know those spiced scented pinecones you smell when you walk into Michael’s? I can’t stay away from the things! They smell amazing. I had to get them into my craft this week. And I haven’t decorated pumpkins yet this year, so it just seemed fitting.

This craft is really easy, smells wonderful and will give your table or windowsill a nice pop for fall. Keep reading if you’re interested in making your own!


autumn pumpkin decor materials

Materials needed for fall pumpkin decor

  • craft pumpkin
  • flameless candle
  • pumpkin carving kit
  • fall-scented pinecones


hollowed craft pumpkin

Step 1: cut a big hole in your craft pumpkin

You can buy pumpkins with the hole already cut. Get that one if you can. If not, use a pumpkin carving kit to cut your own.



flameless candle decor

Step 2: add decorative fall elements

Put your flameless candle in the middle and surround it with scented pinecones.


DIY fall pumkin decor with scented pinecones

You’re done! You can tie some ribbon or maybe some burlap around the stem at the top if you want to spice it up a little more. I wanted to keep this one a bit more simple.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave them in the comments.

The Craft Challenge

This craft is part of The Craft Challenge. Be sure to check out Emily’s Halloween Ghost Candy Boxes tutorial over at A Pop of Red!

DIY Lemon Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

DIY lemon grapefruit sugar scrub

First, I’d like to apologize for my absence last week. I got sick and missed all kinds of good stuff like my work holiday party and the 60 degree weather. For once, crafting was not on my priority list. It was not a good weekend. But this weekend is a better one.

Valentine’s Day is coming up…¬†That means you want to look and feel your best, right? Of course. Forget V-Day though, I want smooth skin all the time. Sugar scrub definitely helps with that.

Seriously, this might be the best sugar scrub I’ve ever made. I know I’m a little bias, but it really does smell great. The citrus-y scent seems to brighten everything up (I think it’s mostly the grapefruit). And who doesn’t want a bright and fun Valentine’s Day?

The sugar scrub is really easy to make. I didn’t time it, but I’m pretty sure it took about 5 minutes excluding photography time. Everything you need + instructions are¬†below.

lemon grapefruit sugar scrub materials

Sugar Scrub Materials


bowl of sugar

Step 1

Measure your sugar. This will depend on the size of the jar you are using.

I poured mine into the jar and then into the bowl to get an accurate measurement. My jar was 8.5 oz.


melted coconut oil

Step 2

Microwave 4 big spoonfuls of coconut oil until it’s liquefied.


lemon, cocnut and grapefruit oil

Step 3

Pour in 20 drops of grapefruit oil and 15 drops of lemon oil.

If you’re making a larger batch, you might want to add a few more of each.



sugar scrub

Step 4

Pour the oil over the sugar and mix it together. It should be about the same consistency of a slushy.

Pour it into the jar.

Valentine's Day sugar scrub

If you’re feeling festive, print and cut out the Valentine’s Day printables below. The round ones are the perfect size for mason jar lids. If you can find some pink ribbon, use the heart printable too!

Hope you like it!

Valentine's Day Mason jar printables

DIY lemon grapefruit sugar scrub

DIY Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Gift

The Craft Challenge

This blog post is part of The Craft challenge! If you want to learn more or are interested in joining the challenge, send a message to Emily from A Pop of Red.


DIY Valentine's Day Mason Jar Gift

Ohhh, Valentine’s Day…

A holiday that’s either loved or hated depending on the person’s relationship status.

I’ve never been wild about the holiday, but I do enjoy chocolate and hearts, so I’ll make it work. Of course, with that in mind, my Valentine’s Day themed craft involves candy. A lot of it!

If the person you want to gift the mason jar to isn’t a fan of sweets, you could fill it with nuts or mints. It’s the thought that matters, right?

This is a quick and easy one (really, it took longer to photograph the process than it did to make the gift). All you need to buy is the candy, jar and ribbon. I have a printable below for the lid insert and heart tag.

Valentine's Day mason jar gift materials

Mason Jar Gift Materials

  • Candy
  • Ribbon
  • Printables
  • Mason Jar
  • Scissors or hole punch

Valentine's Day Mason jar printables

Step 1

Download and print the image above.

Choose the ones you want and cut them out.


Just for you printable

Step 2

Insert the round printable into the lid of the mason jar.


valentine's day printable heart

Step 3

Using scissors or a hole punch, put a small hole in the corner of the heart cut out.


DIY Valentine's Day Mason Jar Gift

String the ribbon through the heart and tie it in a bow around your mason jar.

Now you can gift it to someone special‚ÄĒyour significant other, a friend or¬†maybe¬†a parent. Or you can just keep it on your desk at work and eat all of it yourself. Whatever works for you ūüôā


The other Valentine’s Day crafts from the Craft Challenge will be posted at some point today.¬†Check out¬†A Pop of Red and¬†Eclectic Enchantments¬†to see the rest of the DIYs!

The Craft Challenge


Craft Challenge 2015 Introduction Eclectic Enchantments A Pop of Red Found This Painted That Tinkerbell Knits Make Something Mondays Image Map

Valentines Day Gifts For Him 2016

Every year I post¬†a list of Valentine’s Day gifts for the men, and it’s about that time of year again. Have you started thinking about it yet?¬†It’s okay if you haven’t. I have a list of good buys and DIYs for your man.

My lists rarely consist of the typical, cliche gifts. I try find unique gifts throughout the year, mostly from Etsy or something you can make yourself, and make note of them.

Here’s a list of my previous Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him:

As always, if you have ideas, please leave them in the comments. I want to hear if you’ve received something that you’ve really enjoyed or if you gifted something that got a positive response.

Let’s get to the gifts!

landscape art painted on a saw blade

Hand-painted winter landscape on a saw blade –¬†$27.50

How awesome is this? It’s landscape art on a saw blade! Morethebucles¬†got it right with this idea!¬†The lucky receiver of this gift can hang it in his house or in his garage and enjoy the outdoors any time he wants.


beer cap wall art

Beer cap USA map (birch plywood) – $16.50

I love this idea by BeerCapMapShop. Not only does it make for unique wall art, but it also gives him a chance to track all of the beer he’s tried from different US states.


Doctor Who hand-painted shoes

Hand-painted Doctor Who shoes – $51.33

LittleDaisyMouse makes these really neat hand-painted shoes. If he’s a Doctor Who fan, he might like these. If Doctor Who isn’t his thing, there are a ton of other options on Etsy ranging from sports teams to disney movies.


Stay focused vinyl wall art- productivity inspiration

Stay Focused vinyl motivational quote – $32.00

This is one of my favorites in the vinyl art department! The Beepart shop gives you plenty of options in terms of size and color for the quote so it will look fantastic on any wall in his house. It’s probably not appropriate for the office (unless it’s a home office).


table to fit over the arm of your couch

Rustic couch table – $50.00

Dunn Rustic Designs understands that everyone needs a little bit of lazy time. The couch desk is perfect for his work (if he’s that much of a workaholic), laptop, dinner or whatever he needs to relax. You can choose the size of the table and the stain to match the rest of his furniture.


"Do or do not. There is no try." yoda wall art

Star Wars wall decor – $12.00

If he’s a Star Wars fan, he might appreciate this one by Go Go Book Art. Yoda’s famous line “Do or do not. There is no try.” and Yoda in a suite (interesting) layer old printed pages for a fun decor idea!


vintage pocket watch

Vintage pocket watch – $55.00+

If he likes the old-fashioned, steampunk look, he’ll love this pocket watch by Cabany Co. Look at the detail in that thing! It’s amazing. All of those gears! The colors work well together too. Beautiful!


clock made from bike parts

Clock made from bike parts – $70.00

Dream Great Dreams made this really neat wall clock from recycled bike parts. What better gift is there for the cyclist in your life?


Nintendo wall art

Nintendo controller posters – $7.50

Last, but not least, Nintendo art by DiffernType. They’re definitely geared toward the (old time) gamers, but the coolest part is that these posters are downloadable. You don’t have to wait for them to get shipped from across the country. You can download and print them right now. They’re perfect to hang on the wall behind his gaming spot.


MistoBox- coffee subscription for coffee lovers

MistoBox- monthly coffee subscription $13/month

I’m a little bias because I’m a coffee drinker, but I’ve had a¬†MistoBox subscription for a little over 6 months and I love it. I don’t splurge on a lot of stuff, but coffee is definitely on my spend-money-on list.¬†I haven’t received a coffee that I haven’t liked.

It works like this: You sign up, tell them what kinds of coffee or flavors you like, you’re assigned a curator and that person chooses coffee for you from around the world. You can choose the quality and frequency, too. You can also rate coffee after you try it, so your curator can learn what you like and don’t like.

DIY Gifts

Not everyone has $50 to spend on their sweetie and I totally get that. Soooo, I have a few more things you can make on your own that will cost you little to nothing, and he will really appreciate it.

DIY manly beard oil

I made this beard oil for my boyfriend last year and he loved it. He uses it often and I’ve made 1 bottle since then, so it lasts forever. It smells like rosemary, orange and bergamot (which smells amazing).

I will warn you that the ingredients are pricey, but this stuff lasts forever and you can use the oils for so many other things (like lotion and lip balm for yourself).


valentines day mason jar craft

It is still cold enough for hot chocolate. Grab a jar and fill it with hot chocolate packets, marshmallows and some candy hearts. Wrap it up with ribbon and you’ve got a warm treat to share while you Netflix.


Gifts for guys

If he likes to snack, you should definitely make a snack 6 pack. You can buy empty bottles at a craft store or save glass bottles. Then clean them out really well, decorate the bottles and the 6-pack carrier and gift away!


DIY iPhone Case Designs

Does he own an iPhone? If so, check out my tutorial on how to make personalized cell phone covers. You can make a bunch of designs that he will like and he can swap them out when he gets bored with one of them.


Clothespin headphone organizer

I know this looks girly, but you can decorate this¬†headphones organizer any way you want. It’s really easy to make and surprisingly works really well. I take it to the gym and to work with me all the time.



Make him a coffee or tea jar. Or just a jar for his junk. Whatever you designate for the jar is your choice. All you need is a jar, glass paint, stencils and a brush. Cute and easy.


DIY device charging station

Last one! The device charging station! I don’t know about you, but I had¬†devices and cords everywhere. All you need to make this and organize your cords is scrapbook paper, desktop organizer, glue and a knife (I used a pocket knife but it’s probably better to go with a utility knife). He’ll love it!

Happy Holidays Coloring Page

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday with family and/or friends.

I took a crafting break¬†today so there won’t be a Make Something Mondays project. Spending time with family took precedent.

But I did want to post something today. I’m sure you’re still in the holiday spirit, so here’s a¬†Christmas tree coloring page! Holidays can be really stressful, especially for the people who host parties, so I wanted to give you a creative way to relax.

Studies have shown that coloring helps adults to destress and keeps their blood pressure low. I had given the coloring page to some friends to test out and the responses were positive. Thank you to all of my test subjects!

Click the image below to open it in a new window. Then you can download or print directly from your browser.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Free Christmas tree coloring page

DIY Light Up Christmas Tree

DIY light up Christmas tree

I never put up a Christmas tree.

Yes, I grew up in a Christian family, and yes, we celebrated Christmas.

However, when I moved out on my own I never saw a need for a tree. Call me a pessimist if you’d like (it’s okay, most people do), but I never had an interest in buying a tree (real or fake), setting it up, decorating it, and a month later¬†taking down the decorations, disassembling the tree¬†and storing it away for another year. It really sounds tedious. Not to mention all of the time and space it takes up.

So every year, I celebrate Christmas with my family, and every year at least one person tells me they can’t believe I don’t put up a Christmas tree, as if it’s sinful or something (no offense, family). As a result, I made a DIY version. My own light up Christmas tree that is cheap ($10, thank you Dollar Store), easy to assemble and disassemble and doesn’t take up space in my house. I’m enjoying it.

Want to make one? Keep reading.

Light up Christmas tree materials

DIY Christmas Tree Materials

Christmas lights
Command hooks

I know, short list, right? I was excited about that so I thought you might be too.

Command hooks

Step 1

Prepare your hooks.

Christmas tree shape with Command hooks

Step 2

Arrange them on the wall in the shape of a long triangle. Each set of hooks should be placed farther out than the last.

I started with 7 hooks, but ended up adding in a few more. It totaled 11.

Tip: It would’ve helped if I had thought about tilting my hooks outward instead of upward, but I didn’t think about that until they were already on the wall. You might want to try it¬†because I imagine it would make this process easier.

Christmas lights

Step 3

String your lights through the hooks.

DIY light up Christmas tree

When you’re finished, it should look something like this. The picture really doesn’t do it justice though. It looks really pretty on my wall, but I just can’t capture it. Guess I need to work on my photography skills.

Christmas tree lights

Thanks for reading and happy holiday crafting!