3 Artsy Drinks to Make For Your New Years Party

I was thinking recently about how we host New Years parties. We invite people over, have festive appetizers, decorate with glitter and stars, and of course we break out the beer. Beer? On New Years? Let’s get a little bit more fancy, shall we? We are ringing in the new year! Since you know that I am not all that festive, I decided to avoid the holiday drink post that you are all going to read and share 3 drinks that I know (ok I don’t know, I assume) you’ve never had that, if you wanted to, you could test out for the party you might be attending. If you don’t like it, someone will. But I think you are going to like these.

Brain Hemorrhage

brain hemorrhage


Pour peach schnapps into the shot glass, add the Bailey’s (slowly), and top with the grenadine. It actually tastes good… if you can get past the curdling part. Some people just like to look at it.

*This can be made as a cocktail or a shot.

Rainbow Drink

rainbow cocktail

via Cutest Foods

Add different juice drinks into an ice tray and drop the juice cubes into a glass of sprite mixed with a shot or two of vodka. It tastes so good when it melts. If the Sprite is too sweet you could substitute club soda.


Fallen Froggie

Fallen Froggie

via Food Ganza

Mix .5oz Midori melon liquor with .5oz Baileys, add a splash of grenadine. Don’t mix it, just take the shot. Ring in the New Year with some flare.


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