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DIY layered candle

Here is post #2 of the DIY Holiday Gift Series. This one is easy but takes about an hour to get together. That is still pretty quick for a candle, right? The girl you are giving it to will enjoy it 🙂




Things You Will Need:
A Pot
Glass Jar
Candle Wax
Candle Wick

Step 1: (I skipped the picture. I know you know what water in a pot looks like :-D)
Pour a small amount of water into your pot and place it on your stove burner. You want to heat the water but not necessarily bring it to a boil.

While you are waiting for the water to heat up get your glass jar and remove all of the department stickers (if you haven’t already). Tip: using soap and hot water helps to rub off the soap much faster.

melting the wax

Step 2:
Break up your scented wax of choice and put it in the glass jar.

When your water is toasty and steaming use your tongs to pick up the glass jar and place it in the hot water. Now you will be waiting for a while. Make sure you stay in the kitchen while you are waiting to make sure your glass jar stays upright. Ideally you would hold it there with your tongs but I am as impatient as you are so I realize that this isn’t going to happen. Honestly, it will be fine, but stay in the general area.

secure the wick

Step 3:
After all of your wax has melted pick it up with your tongs and place it on a hard surface. Put a wick down into the wax and secure it however you want. I find wrapping the wick around a utensil to be the easiest. You will have to let it sit for while until it dries. The waiting time will depend on how big the jar you chose is. Smaller ones will take less time.

second layer

Step 4 (optional):
If you want to be cute you can add another layer of a different scent when the first layer is dry. Just pour the wax on top and let it dry.

The first layer of wax has to be completely dry though! If it isn’t dry when you pour the hot wax from the second batch then, the first will cave in and the waxes will mix. It really doesn’t look pretty… I tried. I’ll spare you the picture though.

When the wax is dry, cut the wick to about 1/2 inch above the wax.

You can decorate the jar if your feel extra crafty. The shape of mine is a bit awkward though, so I am going to pass on that.
DIY layered candle

Option 2:

You can do it like Shey does on her blog. This is more of a from scratch method. It is a good one but if you are in a pinch and don’t have more than an hour or two to get something together then you can go the route I went. I don’t like to procrastinate but I understand why people do so, this is a quick and easy way to get something pretty together 🙂

Happy crafting

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