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I’ve been sick, joy. It’s going around and everyone I know has it. So i thought i would share my dad’s home remedy for a sore throat.

When i had a sore throat he made me hot lemonade. Sounds weird right? It tastes like crap. It is very tart and it is hard to drink a full cup but IT WORKS! It works really well. Within a few hours my throat is back to normal and I am good to go.

All you do is mix half lemon juice and half water in a cup and microwave it. It has to be really hot to work though. If you really can’t handle it then add some honey. It can only help.

Hopefully you are all healthy and don’t have to deal with the sickness going around. BUT if you do, I have more remedies 🙂

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  1. Another remedy that works for sore throat and laryngitis: a pinch of alum chased with a teaspoon of honey 2 x daily for a few days (just until voice comes back to normal). It works! I know because I use to get laryngitis every year when I taught school in Florida. Hard to teach with no voice:>)

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