An Interesting Day For Instagram

I’m sure that if you have been on the internet at all today you have heard about instagram’s updated policy. If not you can read about it here or I can catch you up. One small paragraph in the article said it all.

“If Instagram users continue to upload photos after January 16, 2013, and subsequently delete their account after the deadline, they may have granted Facebook an irrevocable right to sell those images in perpetuity. There’s no obvious language that says deleting an account terminates Facebook’s rights, EFF’s Opsahl said.” –

 So, of course there has been an uproar and people are threatening to delete their accounts and called Instagram the iStock that doesn’t pay you for your photos. Makes sense.
instagram policy update
Now, Instagram’s blog states that the policy was poorly written on their part and is going to be rewritten. They claim they never intended to sell anyone’s photos and each person has full ownership of their photos.
I also use Instagram and I plan to wait it out and give them a chance to fix the policy. Although I think they had every intention of selling user’s photos for advertising, there has been enough rebellion that they will have no choice but to fix the issue. They will surely use the majority of their users if they don’t.
I want your thoughts though. Who out there is using Instagram and what is your plan going forward? Comments? Thoughts?

11 thoughts on “An Interesting Day For Instagram

  1. Well I WAS going to set up an account but there is NO way now. People didn’t mis understand what they meant! Just another business going to far and NOT taking responsibility! I think that people are sick of dealing with irresponsible companies and I am one of them. THERE FOR I am NOT going to because if they did it once they will do it again… and I quite frankly am sick of dealing with them as I am SURE they are sick of me!

  2. I’ve been following it over the last few days and yes it has been a roller coaster. Honesty the terminology used is extremely tricky,and I truly believe they meant what they said. I’m sure Mark (from Facebook) didn’t pay millions of dollars for Instagram without a plan to compensate him double or triple his investment.

  3. It will be interesting to see the new small print when it comes out. I’ve never used instagram but have talked to lots about the terms and conditions of many like FB and pinterest etc. We have been very blase about clicking OK to get something for free, not thinking that actually it could be costing so much.


  4. I have never used Instagram but info such as this definitely deters new users. Definitely in agreement with you about it’s being free…things can surely go wrong and in the long run, it is usually not a freebie!

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