DIY Dripping Halloween Candles

DIY Halloween candle crafts

Since this is my last Halloween craft for Make Something Mondays this year (so sad), I wanted to pick one that was quick and easy, but also one that would add some flare to your parties this weekend. These candles are the are a little creepy, but not tacky, so I thought they would be the perfect addition to your Halloween decor.

They’re very easy to make and I got everything (except the scented wax) at the Dollar Store. Read the whole post

DIY Dyed Pantyhose

DIY dyed red stockings

Did you know that you can dye your pantyhose any color you want? I heard that the other day and thought how hard can it be? Honestly, it’s cake.

I thought you ladies could really use this tutorial for your Halloween costumes. Want to be a devil? Then you’re going to need some red pantyhose. A witch? You might want some green or purple ones. Why bother spending $30 on them at the Halloween or Party stores when you can dye the ones you already have? Read the whole post

DIY Mummy Mason Jars

DIY Mummy Mason Jars for Halloween

Since I’m doing a Halloween craft every week for Make Something Mondays, I thought I would make some mummy jars. I tried a few variations but the first one I made is still my favorite (the one in the middle). I tried an all white jar with cut out space for the eyes, one with green underneath the white for some color, and a completely white one with the eyes overtop the tissue paper.

What I’ve learned about making these is that the more obvious the paper layers are, the better. Read the whole post

DIY Halloween Door Decor

DIY boo halloween decor

Since I made a non-Halloween-inspired craft last week, I decided to stick with a Halloween craft this time around. Every DIY that I make this month is going to be Halloween-inspired, so if you have any ideas, or just want to see a specific craft, let me know! I’m always excited to hear your ideas.

I found all of the supplies at Pat Catan’s and it costed about $10. I love the character in the Os too. Read the whole post

Creative Halloween Art and Costume Submissions

Its that time of year! Halloween 🙂 Which means that I am posting my followers’ artwork, photographs, and DIYs. Well, the ones that submit it to me anyway. Please make sure you check out the available blogs and social media accounts for the artists because they are awesome!

Thank you to everyone who submitted artwork for this post. I am excited to share ALL of these! It has been fun.

Topic Spill

I have been following Topic Spill since I started my blog about 2 years ago. Read the whole post

Last Call for Halloween Art Submissions!

halloween themed banner


Hey guys! I just wanted to remind you to get your Halloween submissions in soon. I originally said by October 28th, but I’ll give you until the end on the day on October 30. A little bit of extra time never hurt anyone. Also, if you emailed me a submission and I didn’t respond, please send it again. I was having some email issues recently and I think I might have missed some emails coming through. Read the whole post

Halloween Submissions

halloween themed banner


Hey all! I just wanted to remind you to finish up your Halloween artwork and send it to me by the 28th! I have a few submissions already and I am starting to get excited.

You can submit any form of art that you want, just keep it PG13, and don’t send me anything that isn’t your own.

Please provide me with a link to one of your social media accounts or a website so that I can give you proper credit for your work. Read the whole post

Halloween-Themed Art Submissions

halloween themed banner

As most of you know, I spend much of my time promoting other artists on my blog. Since Halloween will be rolling around in a few weeks (scary, i know), I wanted to give all of you a chance to submit your own Halloween-themed artwork to me to post on Halloween. I appreciate all of my readers 🙂

Here’s the deal:

  1. Artwork has to be your own!
  2. No more than two submissions per person
  3. You can submit a photo of any kind of art you want: photography, crafts, digital art, paintings, etc.
Read the whole post

Inventive Costume

I have a friend and coworker who (or is it whom?) I admire very much for his creativity. This year, for Halloween he made his own costume (as always) and it is pretty awesome! Check it out. He made ALL of it using supplies from Michael’s and Lowe’s. I’m very amused with the backpack 🙂

I stole the top image from Casey’s facebook. All other images were taken by me. Enjoy!

Casey, feel free to add your input 🙂 Great attention to detail, by the way. Read the whole post