Flower Petal Window Art

flower petalsThis project is a really neat idea, especially since spring is right around the corner (we can only hope). I found this fun project on The Artful Parent today. All you do is lay out flower petals on contact paper and stick it to a glass window. It looks fantastic! Go check it out on that blog for more images though. It could be a great project to do with your kids, if they have the patience. Read the whole post

DIY Fall Leaf Bookmark

diy leaf bookmark


I’ve made DIY bookmarks before, and I like them, but the problem was that they extend the pages of the book. I like to carry my books with me, so when I used those bookmarks and put the book it my purse, it would always fall off the pages. So, I decided to make another version. This one is obviously fall inspired. I considered using scrapbook paper, but then decided to use leaves since there are so many of them on the ground outside this time of year. Read the whole post

DIY Fall-Inspired Wreath

DIY Fall-Inspired Wreath

I felt festive today, so I made a fall-inspired wreath. It doesn’t take long to make (maybe half an hour) and it is nice home decor. The pinecones are cinnamon scented too, so it makes my house smell amazing 🙂 I don’t know how much the average seasonal wreath would typically cost, but I made this one with under $20. Probably about $16 all together.

DIY Fall-Inspired WreathThings You Will Need:
Hot-melt glue
Fall floral plant
Felt (optional)
Cinnamon-scented pinecones

*I’ve seen people use a pool noodle in place of the styrofoam circle. Read the whole post

DIY Cinnamon Candle Decor

DIY Cinnamon Candle Fall Decor


Fall is here! Kind of. Either way, I am in the mood for chai tea, pumpkin pie, and apple cinnamon candles. If you know me, you know that I typically have at least one candle burning. So, I thought I would combine my love of candles and the urge to dive head first into fall and create some DIY cinnamon candle decor. Supposedly, when the candle glass around the candle heats up, the smell of cinnamon permeates the room. Read the whole post

DIY Fall-Inspired Votive Holder

diy candle holderI know its February and that I should be doing winter or valentines day crafts, but I am really longing for fall right now. I miss semi-warm, sunny and breezy days. I really want to see changing leaves, candles in people’s windows, and pumpkin pie. No idea what is going on in my head right now. Maybe all of the snow is getting to me… Anyway, all of this inspired me to make this fall-inspired votive holder. Read the whole post