The Craft Challenge

Guess what?! I have started a blog collaboration, organized by Emily over at A Pop of Red, to help bring readers new an interesting craft projects!

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What is the craft challenge?

Every month, participating bloggers will share their DIY and craft ideas and projects related to a particular theme. I will be linking to the other blogger’s posts so that you can see the variety of projects we’ve come up with. The posts for The Craft Challenge will be posted every Monday starting on March 30th.

What are the themes?

For the first project of the craft challenge, the theme is yarn. That’s going to be interesting for me, because I don’t do much with yarn, but I’m looking forward to having to think outside of the box! We have two more themes lined up and are currently deciding on more. We’d love to hear any suggestions you may have though, so be sure to post your thoughts in the comments or mention them on social media using the hashtag #CraftChallenge.

The Bloggers

Meet the bloggers!

Emily from A Pop of Red Emily of A Pop of Red is the organizer of The Craft Challenge, is the blogger over at A Pop of Red. She’s always posting great craft and DIY projects, fantastic (that is not an exaggeration) foodie recipes and her life experiments.
Erika from Eclectic Enchantments Erika of Eclectic Enchantments is the blogger at Eclectic Enchantments where she shares everything related to crafts, vintage and beauty. She has a lot of passion and a lot to share!

Want to join us?

If you’re Interested in joining The Craft Challenge as a blogger, send a message to Emily at for more information! It’s going to be a good time!!

Craft Challenge DIYs 2015

Craft Challenge #1—Yarn: DIY Yarn Basket

Craft Challenge #2—Spring: DIY Herb Garden

Craft Challenge #3—Upcycled: DIY Upcycled Candles From Antiques

Craft Challenge #4—Jewelry: DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Craft Challenge #5 Sewing: DIY Lip Balm Carrier

Craft Challenge #6 Dollar Store: DIY Candle Wrap Decor

Craft Challenge #7 Duct Tape: DIY Car Garbage Bag

Craft Challenge #8 Halloween: DIY Halloween Spell Book

Craft Challenge #9 Christmas: DIY Stocking Stuffer Gift Bags

Craft Challenge DIYs 2016

Craft Challenge #1—Valentine’s Day: DIY Mason Jar Craft

Craft Challenge #2—Beads: DIY Stacked Beaded Earrings

Craft Challenge #3—Springtime: DIY Spring-Inspired Abstract Wall Art

Craft Challenge #4—Wood: DIY Wood Branch Coasters With Gold Leaf Design

Craft Challenge #5—Duct Tape: DIY Duck Tape Lanyard

Craft Challenge #6—Home Decor: DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Storage Jars

Craft Challenge #7—Tin Can: DIY Upcycled Soda Cans

Craft Challenge #8—Autumn: DIY Leaf Relief Painting

Craft Challenge #9—Halloween: DIY Pumpkin Decor

Craft Challenge #10—Sewing: DIY Flat Iron Travel Pouch

Craft Challenge #11—Christmas: DIY Christmas Ornament Door Decor

Craft Challenge #12—Sharpie: N/A

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